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Foreign Carmakers Seek More Presence in China
Chinese car market, a "lucrative cake", has garnered attentions of numerous foreign carmarkers. Starting this year, they are gradually increasing market presence in China.

This year marks the first year of China's entry to the WTO, as policies on auto sector are relaxed, many international well-known auto firms set up their bases in China one by one to attract consumers, some domestic auto makers also seek ways to grab the market by joint venture.

Mercedes-Benz lately announced its sedan sales volume in China for the first quarter of 2002, both mainland and Hong Kong's sales volume exceeded 2000, the best record in history.

Sales volume of Benz's S class increased by a 2-fold over the same period of last year since tariffs were cut on January 1 this year, S class has been always on the top among luxurious cars. Benz firm also plans to introduce its E class at the coming auto car exhibition in June.

BMW's first quarter sales volume increased greatly in Asia with volume up by 8.2 percent, its China (including Hong Kong) volume rose by 41 percent to reach 1915. BMW will launch its mini car in the latter half of this year following its successful sale of the 200 new 7 series.

GM earned US$7 million in the Asia Pacific Region in the first quarter, it also made good performance in China, as the four types of Opel have been introduced to China, it also plans to promote its newest type to China within the year.

In order to help China keep pace with the international market, GM is to bring its mature auto credit service to China.

In addition, GM will introduce its Golf car to China this year. According to GM prediction, the car will have a good prospect.

Renault also makes an ambitious plan this year after several types made debut in China, it hopes to sell another 2000 cars to China this year.

Volvo hopes to increase its sales volume to 10000 within the coming five years, it is going to make debut the XC90 which was exhibited in Geneva lately besides the S802.9T6, being sold on Chinese market.

Volvo aims to have a better performance both in market development and sales volume. It targets to realize a large growth rate in sales volume and become one of China's most popular cars.

Auto consumption becomes more and more popular in China, as both global and domestic carmakers are sharing the "big cake", Chinese car market will become more attractive and maturer.

(People's Daily May 22, 2002)

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