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We have been very desirous to establisb a plastic plant in Owerri- Imo State of Nigeria. The desire to set it up at Owerri is borne out of the fact that there is no plastic plant within 60Km radius in this part of the country.

The market prospect here is high and the raw materials needed for production are easily obtainable from Eleme petrochemical plant situate about 70KM away.

PVC compounding will be a big hit in this part of the country as much of the PVC used in this part of the world is imported. The establishment of a plastic plant here shall therefore save buyers the rigours of travelling to Lagos for purchase and any quantity(if any) left unsold can be exported to other parts of West Africa through the Port-Harcourt sea port which is about 70KM away.

Contacting businessmen outside Nigeria who will act as outlet shall not be a problem as I am well versed in West African sub- regional market.

Be assured that with agressive marketing no PVC will be left unsold when production is started.

We can not do it alone because of the procurement of the necessary machineries.

We are ready to put resources together with investors to actualize this dream. All necessary infrastructure for take off are ready viz:

1. A completed and furnished administrative building.

2. Two large industrially wired factory houses with offices therein.

3. 10ft high fence round the entire land space

4. a privately owned 500KVA energized transformer.

5. A 120KVA stand-by power generating plant.

6. A functional water borehole.

7. A base workshop with lathe, milling and sundry machine tools.

8. Reasonable undeveloped land for future expansion

9. Easy accessibility to road and communication.

10. An enabling environment for production.

We are ready to deal and negotiate conditions of equity participation.

It is however, unfortunate that the name Nigeria is scaring to investors.

I want to assure you that you do not have anything to panic about. You can or cause your embassy to investigate me or the company:

We are ready to discuss before the commercial officer of your embassy.

If you so wish I shall forward my resume to you. Seeing what is on the ground already will tickle you as we have put in a lot of resources.

This I very much suggest as it would afford you the opportunity of seeing what is on the ground and making an on the spot assesment of our claims.

Specifications: cooperation

Quantity: any quantity

Contact: Mr. Egwuogu Onyedika (administration, managing director)

Company: Jenny Industries Ltd

Address: Jenny Close, km 6, ubommiri- imo state, Nigeria

Zip Code: 1963

Phone: 234 083 230469

Fax: 234 083 230469

Mobile: 08033001028

Web Address:

Expiry date: November 16, 2002