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In Pictures
Xuannan Diabolo Culture Festival held in Beijing
Price of Olympic products stable despite rising CPI
Olympic berths up for grabs at diving test event
BCIA's new terminal 3 hold another test run
IOC Olympic Treasure Exhibition opened in Hong Kong
Jackie Chan rides horse in video to promote Olympics
Beijing airport equipped with modern terminal
Kaka hopes to play at Beijing Olympics
Olympic Water Cube tried and tested
Qi Hui claims her 2nd gold at China Open
A look inside the 'Water Cube'
'Water Cube' hosts first test event
Olympic torch relay route in HK released
Seats installed in main Olympic stadium
Football for Olympic competitions launched
Water Cube poised for pre-Olympic test
Terminal Three to be in use
Water Cube to embrace first game
Water Cube lit by lights, Searchina join hands for Olympic coverage
Olympic Games uniforms unveiled
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