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- Death toll falls in Brazil's 2008 Carnival
- Zhang Ziyi accused of lip-synching
- Celebs at the 80th Oscar nominee luncheon
- Celebs attend the Spanish film awards
- Anna Netrebko announces her pregnancy
- HK star apologizes after nude pictures leak online
- Family to bring Ledger's body in US to home
- Ironing out the details for CCTV gala
- Lunch now preferred for feast
- Work remains Wang's reward
- Julie Christie secretly ties the knot
- Julianne Moore's valentine to charity
- Sex scandal on broken computer
- Source: Jolie facing high-risk pregnancy
- Paris Hilton blamed for stealing designs for her footwear range
- Major progress in Hollywood standoff
- Britney's psychiatric stay extended
- Carnival begins; Let's play!
- Spain's Goya gives out film awards statuettes
- Chow's the big winner at box office
- HK stars sing for snow victims
- Minis reign at NY Fashion Week
- Out with the old, in with the new decor
- Mira Nair to helm Hilary Swank starred Amelia
- Chinese have to spend more on Festival dinner
- Hannah Montana movie tops weekend box office in N America
- Writers, Hollywood studios negotiate breakthrough
- Oscar films are box-office poison
- Protégé leads HK Film Awards noms
- Dim sum delights for discerning diners
- Suspects detained in HK racy celebrity photo case
- French president marries model
- Britney under father's temporary control
- Pamela Anderson to perform at Paris nude revue
- Six-inch tattoo proves Beckham's love for 'Posh'
- Catherine Zeta Jones: World's most beautiful star
- Men's collection in New York Fashion Week
- Peace messenger Clooney tours UN headquarters
- An idol revisited
- Guest salesperson Fahrenheit
- Fifth posters of The Forbidden Kingdom released
- Top directors elected national advisors
- Hero of Nanjing
- Zoo makes learning fun for children
- Her Blueberry Nights
- Avril Lavigne to launch her own fragrance
- Alesha Dixon stages comeback with dazzling new video
- Hong Kong stars slam nude photos
- Singer Rene Liu brings dreams to her concert
- Erotic pics of HK stars stir up town
- The Fourth Brother Visits His Mother
- The Red Maid
Awards & Festivals
Taiyuan celebrate Lantern Festival

Residents of Jinci Town in the northern Chinese city of Taiyuan perform traditional folk arts to celebrate the Lantern Festival, which falls on February 21 this year.