- Beethoven Brings in the New Year
- 'Godfather of Soul' James Brown Dies
- New Licks in Shanghai
- Tan Dun's First Emperor Premieres in NY
- Musical Dream of a Chinese Migrant Worker
- Tan Dun's New York Metro Debut
- Pop Star Jacky Cheung Kicks Off World Tour
- KTVs in Shanghai Raise Prices for Xmas
- Domingo Praised for Being The First Emperor
- Eason Chan Sings for New Year Movie
- Radio, TV Stations to Pay Copyright Fees
- Tsai Chin Holds Concert in Beijing
- 2006 TVB8 Music Awards
- DJ's Spin on the Mainland
- Jay Chou and Song Zuying May Unite for Spring Festival
- China Issues New Network Music Regulation
- Fingerpicking Guitarists Stage Show in China
- Music Queen Takes Grammy Nomination
- Play 'Wind' Music
- Modern Sky Signs American Indie Musician
- Joey Yung Nearly Disfigured in Accident
- Li Yundi Piano Recital
- Fans Gather for Joe Hisaishi in Beijing
- Jay Chou Pens New Song for Movie Golden Flower
- Ayumi Hamasaki Sings for Confession of Pain
- Famed Japanese Composer Joe Hisaishi in Beijing
- David Tao -- Too Beautiful
- Tsai Chin Joins Universal Music Group
- Pin Guan Is Incurably in Love
- MTV Style Awards to Be Held on Friday
- Mainland Musician Lang Lang Migrates to Hong Kong
- Dancing on a Global Stage
- Watchdog Brushes Aside KTV Threats
- KTV Owners Boycott Royalty Payments
- Chinese Atheletes Star on Asian Games Song Video
- Pop Diva Creates Foundation for Children with Cleft Palates
- Folk Music Enters School Curriculum
- Welsh Wizard's Voice Reaches Peak of Its Power
- Sun Nan to Hold Solo Concert in Shenzhen
- Li Yundi: Anxious to Connect Classical Music with Young People
- China Mobile Inks Deal with News Corp
- Super Girls Kick Off Concert Tour
- China Sets Royalty Payment Standard for Karaoke Bars
- Chinese Music Influences US Banjo Player
- Twelve Girls Band Performance Taped for Broadcast in US
- Li Yundi's New Album Released
- Father Says Only Princess Fits for China's Piano Prince
- Abigail Washburn Back to Beijing with Sparrow Quartet
- Jay Chou's Song Used as Teaching Materials
- Why Heart Strings Never Change
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- The Fourth Brother Visits His Mother
- The Red Maid
Awards & Festivals
National garment association gives out awards

The National Garment Association gave out its annual prestigious awards to notable Chinese fashion designers at Beijing Exhibition Center Theater Friday.