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- China Issues New Network Music Regulation
- Radio, TV Stations to Pay Copyright Fees
- DJ's Spin on the Mainland
- Jay Chou and Song Zuying May Unite for Spring Festival
- Fingerpicking Guitarists Stage Show in China
- Music Queen Takes Grammy Nomination
- Play 'Wind' Music
- Joey Yung Nearly Disfigured in Accident
- Modern Sky Signs American Indie Musician
- Li Yundi Piano Recital
- Jay Chou Pens New Song for Movie Golden Flower
- Fans Gather for Joe Hisaishi in Beijing
- Li Yundi's New Album Released
- Famed Japanese Composer Joe Hisaishi in Beijing
- Ayumi Hamasaki Sings for Confession of Pain
- David Tao -- Too Beautiful
- Tsai Chin Joins Universal Music Group
- Pin Guan Is Incurably in Love
- MTV Style Awards to Be Held on Friday
- Mainland Musician Lang Lang Migrates to Hong Kong
- Dancing on a Global Stage
- Watchdog Brushes Aside KTV Threats
- Chinese Atheletes Star on Asian Games Song Video
- KTV Owners Boycott Royalty Payments
- Folk Music Enters School Curriculum
- Welsh Wizard's Voice Reaches Peak of Its Power
- Sun Nan to Hold Solo Concert in Shenzhen
- Li Yundi: Anxious to Connect Classical Music with Young People
- Super Girls Kick Off Concert Tour
- China Mobile Inks Deal with News Corp
- China Sets Royalty Payment Standard for Karaoke Bars
- Chinese Music Influences US Banjo Player
- Twelve Girls Band Performance Taped for Broadcast in US
- Father Says Only Princess Fits for China's Piano Prince
- Why Heart Strings Never Change
- Abigail Washburn Back to Beijing with Sparrow Quartet
- Jay Chou's Song Used as Teaching Materials
- Make Music from the Sounds Around!?
- Mariah Carey's Hong Kong Show Axed Amid Row
- Father Jackson's Hip Hop Boot Camp Comes to Asia
- World Famous Opera Closes Festival Curtain
- Diva Demands To Blame for Carey HK No-Show?
- Nanchang Honors PLA Roots with Marching Band Festival
- Quincy Jones Appointed Consultant for Olympic Ceremonies
- Central Conservatory of Music Welcomes Jessye Norman
- Int'l Electronic Music Festival Kicks off in Beijing
- MTV-Baidu Launch Stunning Alliance
- The Fourth Brother Visits His Mother
- The Red Maid
Awards & Festivals
Taiyuan celebrate Lantern Festival

Residents of Jinci Town in the northern Chinese city of Taiyuan perform traditional folk arts to celebrate the Lantern Festival, which falls on February 21 this year.