- Live Earth Concert to Raise the Roof in Shanghai
- Live Earth to Rock Shanghai
- Show Luo Dances Shanghai Fans to Frenzy
- The Devil Made Me Do It
- Rock 'n' roll's Grass Roots
- They're Baching Mad
- Veteran Musician Releases Last Album
- Beijing Band Review Past Music, Anticipate the New
- 'Super Girl' Shang Wenjie Launches First EP
- Prominent Three Reunite for Environment
- Michael Wong Shoots Commercial for Yamaha
- Michael Jackson Acquires Eminem Song Rights
- Li Yundi and Seiji Ozawa Team up for Film
- Guo Degang to Appear at Jang Nara's Concert
- Pop Singers Perform Charity Work in Africa
- Jay Chou to Team Up with Cui Jian in Concerts
- Mayday's Fans Snap up VIP Tickets
- Li Yuchun Shoots MV in Peking Opera Costume
- Sammi Cheng Concludes Solo Concert in HK
- Elva Hsiao Returns to Stage After Foot Injury
- Former Pop Star Arrested for Drug Use
- Yuan Quan's Popularity Rises
- Music Show Zen Shaolin Opens to Tourists in Henan
- S.H.E 'Play' in Beijing
- 12 Girls Band Infringes Copyrights
- Kennedy Center Honors Song Zuying
- Taiwan Folk Legend Tours China
- Sammi Asks YouTube to Withdraw Her Video
- MTV Rocks Shenzhen
- Show Luo Joins EMI Capitol
- Progress in KTV Battle as Operators Pay Royalties
- Sammi Cheung Back on Stage in Hong Kong
- Tickets Go on Sale for Aguilera's Shanghai Stop
- Ancient Farming Songs from Qingpu
- Christina Aguilera Will Perform in Shanghai
- Cyndi Wang Releases New Album
- Huang Pin-yuan to Hold Homecoming Concert
- Sammi Cheung Gears Up for Solo Concert
- Opening Nine Gates to Sounds of Seduction
- 16 Jazz Bands from Home and Abroad Tout Capital Audiences
- Shanghai in A Minor by French Composers
- German Dance Music in the Groove
- Chinese Buddhist Symphony Welcomed by Malaysians
- Fish Leong Sings Her Way to Hong Kong Coliseum
- Joey Yung Performs Teresa Teng Classics
- Stefanie Sun Opens 'Music Is Live 2007'
- Mayday Shakes Hong Kong, Twice
- Modern Sky Festival to Celebrate 10th Anniversary
- Popular Ethnic Singer Jailed on Arson Charges
- Lang Goes Goodwill Hunting
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- The Fourth Brother Visits His Mother
- The Red Maid
Awards & Festivals
National garment association gives out awards

The National Garment Association gave out its annual prestigious awards to notable Chinese fashion designers at Beijing Exhibition Center Theater Friday.