Initiated in 1983 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, China's governmental news release system aims to increase communication and dialogue between governments at all levels and the local population. State Council Information Office (SCIO) statistics chronicle the system's rapid and successful rise, with over 70 central government departments and 30 local governments having set up news release and spokesperson mechanisms by the end of 2006.
- Sept.27: The Policies and Work Achievements toward the Ethnic Minorities in China
- Sept.27: Sports Development of New China in 60 Years
- Sept.25: China Energy Development's Efforts in 60 years
- Sept.22: Sixty Years of Achievements in Building China into a State of Rule of Law
China wooing private investment in cultural sector
Chinese Minister of Culture Cai Wu pledged Monday to provide a favorable policy environment for private capital invested in the cultural sector.
- Employment situation still grave in China: official
- Policies not to blame for Urumqi riot
- Identification of dead in riot underway, journalists seek answers
Mr. Yang Jing, Minister of State Ethnic Affairs Commission briefed the press on the Policies and Work Achievements toward the Ethnic Minorities in China during the Past 60 Years.
Sept.27, 2009 Sept.25, 2009
Sept.22, 2009 Sept.21, 2009
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Mainland adopts 'open,positive'attitude toward Tainan mayor's visit
Ministry of Environmental Protection
China to ramp up its investment to curb rural pollution
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China drafts energy stimulus plan
State Administration of Work Safety
Gov't to focus on improved work safety: official
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Cross-Straits relations witness 'significant', 'positive' turn
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Ministry denies Amnesty charge
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74 confirmed missing, 8 injured in SW China landslide
Gansu Province
30 arrested in violent protest in Gansu
Rumors about plastic-packaging factory fire dismissed
Yunnan Province
Dispute between farmers, rubber plant settled
Beijing highlights gov't approval of performances
Hong Kong
HK govt proposes 2 bln HKD in support of Sichuan reconstruction
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