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Notices to the Press
Sept.27: The Policies and Work Achievements toward the Ethnic Minorities in China
Sept.27: Sports Development of New China in 60 Years
Sept.25: China Energy Development's Efforts in 60 years
Sept.22: Sixty Years of Achievements in Building China into a State of Rule of Law
Sept.21: Achievements of China's Agricultural Development in the past 60 years
Sept.17: Achievements of China's Science and Technology Development
Sept.11: Achievements in the education sector in the past 60 years
Sep.9: Achievements in human resources and social security and newly issued rural social security policies
Sep.9: The 2nd Pujiang Innovation Forum Press Conference
Sept.7: The Preparations for the 6th China-ASEAN Expo.
Sep.4: The achievements of building a new socialist countryside of China
Sep.2: Great achievements obtained by China's Autonomous Regions
August 27: Top legislature considers draft amendment to renewable energy law
Aug.17: Press briefing on the Second Cross-Strait Cultural Industries Fair
Aug.13: Strengthen the industry restructuring and maintain the steady and relatively fast growth
Aug. 12: The present situation of external demand and the policy measures taken by Chinese government
Aug.7: The current macro-economic situation
Aug. 4: Employment promotion and social security development in the 1st half
July 21: Development of policies toward ethnic minorities in China
July 17: The Work Safety Situation for the First Half of 2009 and the Implementation of Work Safety Control Indicators
July 16: The national economic performance in the first half of this year
June.27: Draft law on rural land contract disputes, revision to statistics law
June 25: Guanzhong-Tianshui Economic Zone Development Plan
June 23: Safeguarding the bottom line of the area of arable land
June 5: Environmental status in 2008 and present situation
June 1: The Energy sector's efforts to stimulate steady and relatively-fast economic growth
May 27: Implementation of policies of expanding domestic demand
May 26: Interpretation on the Law Application in the Handling of Criminal Cases of Production and Sale of Fake or Inferior Medicines
May 8: Planning for Post-Earthquake Restoration and Reconstruction
April 30: Swine influenza prevention and control
April 24: The draft revised postal law and the draft amendment to the Rules of Procedure for Standing Committee of  NPC
April. 22: State Council specific work reports
April 21: China's Intellectual Property Protection in 2008
April 16: Introducing the national economic performance of Q1
April 8: Deepening the health care system reform
Feb.28: Draft food safety law
Feb.26: Countermeasures of China's banking sector against the current financial crisis
Feb.26: Prospects of the development of insurance industry
Feb.18: Maintaining the economic growth and preventing risks
Feb.12: Efforts to combat drought and facilitate spring plowing
Feb.10: Introducing China's present drought relief efforts
Feb.9: Invigorating circulation & expanding consumption
Feb.2: Maintaining stable development of agriculture and promoting sustainable increase of peasants' income
Jan.22: National Economy: Steady and Fast Growth in 2008
Jan. 20: China's National Defense in 2008
Jan. 8: Outline of Pearl River Delta Regional Plan on Reformation and Development
Jan. 6: Introducing the work done for promoting the healthy development of real estate market
Dec 30: Presenting a real China to the world with more openness
Dec 27: The 6th Session of the 11th NPC Standing Committee
Dec 23: PLA Navy sending navy ships to Gulf of Aden and Somali Coastal area
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