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Summertime and digestion is dodgy
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Cooked lotus root is "warm" and helps nourish the stomach and spleen, reinforces the heart and blood, soothes nerves and relieves diarrhea.

Lotus root starch is especially recommended for people with digestive problems as it is nutritious and easy to digest.

It can also help improve the appetite by boosting the stomach.

Lotus rhizome node (lotus root's joints) is a "neutral" herb that is widely used to stop bleeding.

The ancient Chinese used to cook brown sugar with six mashed lotus rhizome nodes and drink the soup to cure various bleeding problems.

Uncooked lotus roots with a dressing made of vinegar and sugar are one of the most popular dishes for many Chinese in summer.

The sour and sweet taste helps stimulate the appetite while uncooked lotus root helps activate the digestive system and improve the appetite as well.

It is not necessary to peel the skin before cooking, but avoid using iron or aluminum saucepans to cook lotus roots for a long time lest they cause too much oxidation.

Lotus root juice

Ingredients: Lotus root (500g), pear (500g), chufa (500g), cane (500g) and sheng di (rhizome of rehmannia, 250g)

Preparation: 1. Wash the ingredients.

2. Juice them in a juice machine.

Benefits: Helps nourish the stomach, promotes fluids, and relieves irritation and thirstiness.

Lotus root and celery congee

Ingredients: Lotus roots (250g), celery (50g), rice (500g) and a few ginger slices

Preparation: 1. Wash and slice the ingredients.

2. Make congee.

Benefits: Benefits the spleen, improves the appetite, reinforces the blood and relieves high blood pressure.

Purple haricot, jujube and corn congee

Ingredients: 50 purple haricot beans, corn (150g), 15 jujubes and some brown sugar as needed

Preparation: 1. Cook beans for about 30 minutes.

2. Add other ingredients and make congee.

Benefits: Benefits the spleen, nourishes the blood, dispels pathogenic dampness, and relieves summer sickness.

Turnip crucian carp soup

Ingredients: 1 crucian carp, turnip (200g) and ginger slices

Preparation: 1. Fry the crucian carp slightly, slice turnip.

2. Cook the fish on a medium heat for 10 minutes, then add turnip slices.

3. Cook for another 10-20 minutes until the soup turns milky.

4. Season with salt.

Benefits: Helps warm the stomach and spleen, dispels pathogenic dampness, and improves the appetite.

(Shanghai Daily June 9, 2009)

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