Fifty percent of patients with cardiovascular disease (CVD) in Asia failed to achieve treatment goals mainly because they did not stick to medication, according to the largest Pan-Asian survey CEPHEUS.
Hong Kong reports 20th fatal case of A/H1N1 flu
Hong Kong reported Friday another fatal case of the Influenza A/H1N1, bringing to 20 the total number of fatal cases of the special flu in the city.
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- PepsiCo on China's blacklist of bad foods
- New Zealanders lack knowledge about eye health: survey
- Macao's A/H1N1 confirmed cases climb to 2,348
- Liaoning colleges shut down campus
- Students on front line of A/H1N1 infection
- New rabies vaccine requires only one shot: study
- Macao's A/H1N1 confirmed cases rise to 2,305
- China warns of stability threat from A/H1N1 flu
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China's Health Ministry issues notice on swine flu prevention
- 'China-made' fake drugs investigated
- China's Health Ministry on high alert for swine flu
- Hand-foot-mouth disease claims 50 lives this year
- Vice premier: China to boost int'l co-op on TB control
- China adopts fresh rule for birth defects checks
- Minister: Healthcare network to cover all
- China drug agency recalls hemorrhoid medicine
- Almost 1,300 Chinese infants still hospitalized from tainted milk
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Why grandma was wrong about fiber

- Fish oils may treat heart disease
- Lupine poisoning can be fatal, warns Australian doctor
- Alcohol beneficial to elderly?
- The Chinese food pagoda
In Depth -- AIDS in China
HIV Prevention and Education
- Domestic Media Partnership Urged for AIDS Awareness
- Anti-AIDS Education Project Launched Among College Students
Care and Support
- Henan Sets up NGO for AIDS Prevention
- Stipends Planned for AIDS Orphans
Treatment and Research
- United Nations University hold a one-day HIV/AIDS seminar
- 71% of Chinese AIDS Patients on Anti-viral Treatment
Bird's nest 'caviar of the East' the TCM tonic to salivate over
Poor little birds spit out their nutrient-rich saliva to build translucent nests high on ocean cliffs. Then humans come along and wrest them away to prepare precious tonic.
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- Heads up: TCM take on autism
- Be your own doctor to get rid of impure energy inside
- Ringing the changes for a problem that sounds bad
- Chill out with summertime fruits, but don't chill them
- Summertime and digestion is dodgy
- Traditional medicine used to battle new flu
- Dog days of summer - the time to prevent winter ills
- Chinese gov't gives a boost to TCM use
- This weed is wild
- Fire horse fuses Chinese, Western healing

Health experts recommend 5 steps to avoid catching A/H1N1 flu

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