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What tourist need to know
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1. The following people shall not travel out:

(1) People have any discomfort, in particular pyrexia;

(2) People have close contact with suspected or confirmed Influenza A(H1N1) cases over the past ten days, namely, the people who have taken care of, lived with, or contacted the respiratory secretions and body fluids of the patients.

2. Tips for Outbound Tourists:

(1) Be sure to prepare the following articles before travel:

General emergency articles, such as paper tissues and masks for use when necessary;

The disinfectant containing 65~95% of alcohol to clean and sterilize the hands where there is no hand washing equipment.

Contact phone numbers of local Chinese consulates.

(2) During the Travel

A. Quarantine

Cooperate with the quarantine and medical workers to perform the necessary entry & exit procedures and measures.

Be sure not to litter or spit freely. The garbage shall be put into the dustbins. When spitting, use a paper tissue to pack the sputum, and then throw the tissue into the dustbin.

B. Wash Hands Often

Always keep the hands clean. Wash hands with the liquid soap after using the lavatory, contacting public objects, and before dining, and processing foods. Avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth. When it is necessary, do it after washing the hands. If there is no hand washing equipment, the disinfectant containing alcohol may be used.

C. Paper Tissues/Handkerchiefs

Prepare paper tissues or handkerchiefs. Use a paper tissue/handkerchief to cover the nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing.

D. Prepare Personal Articles

Don't share towels and personal articles to avoid spreading the disease.

E. Prepare Masks

Prepare masks for use when the tourist himself or his companions have the respiratory system disease symptoms.

F. Shared Chopsticks/Spoons

Use the shared chopsticks and spoons when dining, and be sure not to share the lunch box and beverages with others.

G. Healthy Life

Continue practicing the healthy lifestyle during the travel and keeping the body clean. Don't smoke.

H. When Having Any Discomfort

When having any discomfort, pyrexia in particular, be sure to notify the hotel and captain/guide or relevant person;

The patient and his attendant shall put on masks immediately;

Arrange the medical services as soon as possible;

Stay in the hotel guestroom/room to rest or terminate the travel temporarily until recovery.

If a tourist is suspected or confirmed by a local doctor to have caught Influenza A(H1N1), he should stay at the local hospital for further examination or treatment. The companions should reduce the contact with the patient if it is unnecessary, follow the instructions of the local doctor and strictly observe the personal health measures. The companions should cooperate with the local health and quarantine department, and arrange the remaining travel and necessary quarantine measures.

(3) After the Travel

The tourist shall contact the local disease control center or medical institution in time if he has the influenza-like symptoms (pyrexia, coughing, sniveling, etc.) within two weeks after returning to China.

3. An Outbound Tourists Shall:

(1) Actively declare to the entry-exit inspection and quarantine institution if he has the influenza-like symptoms ((pyrexia, coughing, sniveling, etc.) when returning from an epidemic country;

(2) Contact the local disease control center or medical institution if he has the influenza-like symptoms (pyrexia, coughing, sniveling, etc.) within two weeks after returning to China.

(ebeijing.gov.cn May 26, 2009)

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