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Chinese and US surgeons operate for a patient in Yimeng on April 4, 2002
The world biggest citrus nursery center, a Sino-US joint venture, settled in Three Gorges Reservoir Region
The legendary US virtuoso master Itzhak Perlman staged a splendid solo concert for Beijing music lovers on August 29, 2002.
CEO of Qingdao Haier Group and Chairman of New York Life Int'l of America, inaugurated the "Haier New York Life Insurance Company Limited"
The Chinese Culture Festival was held in the Washington Chinatown
Chinese and US candidates of the New Silk Road World Fashion Model Contest visited Leifeng Tower
US President George W. Bush, together with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao met the press
Former US astronaut Senator Bill Nelson shared his experiences with Mr. Yang Liwei, China's First Astronaut
The 5th Pan American Wushu Championship was held in Washington D.C. on July 10,2004
TCL attracted numerous visitors at the 2005 International Home Appliances and Electronics Exhibition in America
'Tea House' is successfully performed at the Kennedy Center on October 27, 2005
On August 8, 2005, 'Sino-US Youth Music Summer Camp' is held at the Zhengjia Square, Guangzhou
The biggest order in CAAC's history was signed in Washington D.C. on January 28, 2005
Artists from Yunnan Province donated a bronze sculpture 'Humpback Sentiment' to the Flying Tigers Association
Shanghai Symphony Orchestra held 'China – Modern' symphony concert at the Kennedy Center
'The Conference on Sino-US Relations' was held at Beijing Kunlun Hotel on November 14, 2005,
Haier Group began the construction of a refrigerator factory in South Carolina
Chinese President Hu Jintao hosted a ceremony, welcoming the visiting US President George W. Bush
Premier Wen Jiabao met US President George W. Bush in Beijing.
US President George W. Bush takes a group photo with Chinese athletes before the 2008 Olympic mascots Fuwa, Yingying
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China-US relations have made tremendous progress over the past 30 years and have reached a new point with the historic Obama victory in the US presidential election. What is your opinion on the 30-year-history and future prospects of Sino-US relations? Share your views with us. Comment is free!
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China and US agree a prosperous Sino-US relationship
· China and US agree a prosperous Sino-US relationship
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