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· Old friends from US, we'll never forget you
· Joint efforts needed to keep Sino-US ties on track
· Will Obama's China policy be a step forward?
· Moving toward a reconciliation of civilizations
· US recovery and China's growth go together
· Bush leaves positive legacy for Sino-US ties
· US official stresses one-China stance
· Henry Kissinger foresees brighter future for US-China relations
· Amb: brighter future of Sino-US ties
· Constructive cooperation benefits fundamental interests of China, US
· China-US ties at new historical starting point
· US-China ties to be increasingly good: Ambassador
· US-China diplomatic ties proved 'significant and positive'
· China-US relations on path to more progress
· Obama can gain much from friendly China ties
· Jimmy Carter: Mutual respect key to maintaining, developing US-China relationship
· Survey of Sino-US Strategic Economic Dialogues
China-US relations have made tremendous progress over the past 30 years and have reached a new point with the historic Obama victory in the US presidential election. What is your opinion on the 30-year-history and future prospects of Sino-US relations? Share your views with us. Comment is free!
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China and US agree a prosperous Sino-US relationship
ยท China and US agree a prosperous Sino-US relationship
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