- Israel decides to expel Venezuelan ambassador  - Israeli army to hold daily three-hour ceasefire  - Israel to open Gaza aid 'humanitarian corridor'  - Russia-Ukraine gas row escalates  
International - China's Voice
'Deep regret' over trade talks failure, minister
US finger pointing dangerous for Doha Round
China refutes US 'absurd arguments' on cotton
Richer nations 'must act' to contain prices hike
China calls for collective efforts to conclude Doha Round
China calls for diplomatic efforts for Iran's nuclear issue
BBC's accusation "ungrounded"
China calls for strategy for sustainable food development
Darfur's political process 'should not be disrupted'
Darfur docu-film 'strongly biased'
China 'committed to fighting' climate change
'Developed, developing countries need cooperation'
China attaches no political conditions to assistance
China calls for 'multi-aspect efforts' to solve Darfur issue
China sticks to sustainable energy strategy
China says it has no intention to encircle India
China respects Nepal's choice of social system
China calls for greater South-South cooperation
China supports good African governance
China: Blame game pointless in world food crisis
China is major contributor to world food security
China respects Nepalese people's choice
China seeks improved security, national reconciliation in Iraq
Developed countries should lead in reducing GHG emissions
China has solved issues of right to food, says diplomat
China welcomes help from foreign militaries
China willing to cooperate with EU on Africa development
China calls for strengthening regional security cooperation
China to continue to seek solution to Darfur issue
China rebukes US report on religion policy
China calls for priority to voice of developing countries in ADB
China proposes climate change technology transfer
China calls for capacity building in pursuing UN-AU cooperation
Diplomat calls for right, abundant information on China
China urges rich countries to raise aid to poorest countries
China hopes Damascus summit to strengthen Arab solidarity
China to continuously promote partnership with Russia
US, Japan asked to keep promises on Taiwan
China calls for international cooperation in anti-drug efforts
China's influence on Darfur issue should not be overestimated
Progress made for Darfur hybrid peacekeeping mission
Beijing Olympics to be clean event away from politics
Dialogue, cooporation called for in managing human rights
China opposes US Congress resolution on 'Taiwan election'
US, China differ only in approach to resolving Darfur crisis
China devoted to ending Darfur crisis
Attack on Chinese-Sudanese oil cooperation 'complete fallacy'
Chinese envoy calls for pressing Darfur rebel groups to restart talks
China's limited arms sale to Sudan exaggerated
Linking Darfur with Beijing Olympics "totally unreasonable"
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