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Negotiators to the six-party talks on the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue said on Saturday that they have reached certain agreements and a joint document would probably be issued on Sunday.
New round of six-party talks kicks off
Envoys from the six nations gathered in Beijing on Monday for a fresh round of talks on removing nuclear programs from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK).
- Hill: Fresh Korean nuclear talks eye 'verification protocol, roadmap'
- Fresh round of nuclear talks to open today
- ROK chief negotiator 'not very optimistic' over six-party talks
· 5th Round of Korean Nuclear Talks
· 4th Round of Korean Nuclear Talks
· 3rd Round of Korean Nuclear Talks
· 2nd Round of Korean Nuclear Talks
· 1st Round of Korean Nuclear Talks
China Says...
- China calls on six-party talks to proceed 'on right track'
- FM: Six-party talks achieve 'significant progress'
- China will continue to play constructive role in six-party talks
- Relevant sides urged to promote six-party talks
- China calls for determination, patience, wisdom to push forward talks
- Six-party talks open, focusing on denuclearization road map
The US Says...
- Hill: Fresh Korean nuclear talks eye 'verification protocol, roadmap'
- Hill: Substantive talks with DPRK
- US to remove N Korea from terror list
- Hill: N Korea has to give verifiable figures of plutonium
- N Korea to announce all nuclear weapons programs 'soon'
- US: six-party talks negotiators continue to discuss draft document
North Korea Says...
- DPRK wants to exclude Japan from nuclear talks
- DPRK accuses US of breaking six-party nuclear deal
- DPRK accuses US of playing tricks in nuclear talks
- DPRK vows to punish US, S Korean aggressors
- DPRK starts to restore nuclear facilities
- DPRK vows to reinforce 'war deterrent'
Russia Says...
- Russian envoy satisfied with draft joint document
- Russia: All parties to seek compromise solution to nuclear issue
- Russia calls for 'optimistic attitude' in fresh session of talks
- Russia 'cautiously optimistic' about fresh phase of six-party talks
- Russia Urges Further Development in Korea Nuclear Talks
- Russian FM: Last Round of Six-Party Talks 'Useful'
South Korea Says...
- ROK chief negotiator 'not very optimistic' over six-party talks
- North Korea slams US, South Korea for planned joint war game
- S Korea: denuclearization to continue even without joint document
- S Korea: Six-party talks close to reaching agreement
- S Korea calls for discussion on specifics of nuclear disablement, declaration
- S Korea: six parties to discuss nukclear declaration, disablement
Japan Says...
- Japan: all parties to do utmost to reach agreement
- Japan: China submits draft joint document for six-party talks
- Japanese Envoy Cautious of Six-Party Talks Prospect
- Japanese Chief Negotiator Arrives for Six-Party Talks
- N. Korea-Japan Talks Clarify Positions
Working Groups' Meetings
- Six-party agreement reached on Korean nuclear issue
- Japan-DPRK Talks End Without Progress
- N Korea, US Reach Deal in Geneva
- Tokyo and Pyongyang to Meet in Mongolia
- US, N Korea to Meet in Geneva
- Meeting on Korean Peninsula Denuclearization Begins
- N Korean declaration a breakthrough, more efforts needed
- Giant step toward peace
- Results Clear as Nuclear Talks Keep Momentum
- Towards Right Direction
- Trust Holds the Day
- 'Initial Actions' on Nuclear Issue Implemented with Steady Steps
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