- Israel decides to expel Venezuelan ambassador  - Israeli army to hold daily three-hour ceasefire  - Israel to open Gaza aid 'humanitarian corridor'  - Russia-Ukraine gas row escalates  
International - China's Voice
China Allocates US$8 mln for African Health Aid
IHR Applies to Entire Territory, Including Taiwan
Nations Meet over Iran Nuclear Dispute
China to Write Off Iraqi Debts
Pushing Forward Political Process on Darfur Issue
China Strictly Implements Chemical Weapons Convention
China Urges Strengthened Management of Global Environment
Washington Complaints 'Will Hurt Trade Ties'
West Wrong to Criticize IPR Record: Official
Restart of Palestine-Israel Talks Urged
China Seeks Neither Military Expansion Nor Hegemony
US Complaints Against China Not conducive to Solving Problems
Developed Countries Called to Raise Aid to Low-income Countries
Ambassador Calls for Dialogue After Police-Chinese Clash in Italy
China Pivotal in Pushing Sudan Peace Plan
China Regrets US WTO Action over IPR Issue
China Slams US Human Rights Report as Slanderous
FM: China Appreciates Relationship with SAARC
Chinese FM: SAARC Has Bright Future
China Dissatisfied with US Trade Sanction
China Provides Half of Total Carbon Credits Under Kyoto Protocol
Guidelines Published on Foreign Investment for 2007
China Sees Talks as Best Option for Handling Iranian Nuclear Issue
Rich Contracts Await Hu's Moscow State Visit
China Meets US, Mexico over Subsidies Complaint
Nigeria Urged to Take Immediate Action to Rescue Kidnapped Workers
China's Position Elaborated at Baghdad Meeting
Chinese, N Korean Nuclear Negotiators Meet
China Will Continue to Develop Mutually Beneficial Relations
China Welcomes IAEA Chief's Visit to N Korea
China Presses for Peaceful Solution to Iranian Nuclear Issue
US, China Try to Resolve Industrial Subsidy Concerns
Chinese Foreign Minister Meets the Press
FM Encourages Japan to Face up to History
Advisor Proposes Birthday of Bethune Set as China's Doctor Day
Ambassador Anticipates Fruitful Results of 'Year of China' in Russia
China, Russia Promote Mutual Trade Cooperation on Equal Footing
China to Ratify Treaty on National Border with Vietnam, Laos
China Bans 2 US Peanut Butter Brands
Chinese Diplomat Expounds View on Security Sector Reform at UN Debate
Export Control Tightened for Nuclear Goods and Technology
China-Russia Links Helped by WTO Bid
China Bans British Poultry Imports Following Bird Flu Outbreak
China Says No Death Sentence to Lai
Probe Sought for Killer Korea Blaze
China Committed to Cooperation, Dialogue in Security Policy
Chinese Finance Minister Discusses World Economy with G7 Counterparts
Deforestation: Local Gov'ts Cut Down to Size
Tariffs Slammed on EU Potato Starch Imports
African Exports to China Up In 2006
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> Iran Nuclear Issue
> 6th SCO Summit Meeting
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