- Israel decides to expel Venezuelan ambassador  - Israeli army to hold daily three-hour ceasefire  - Israel to open Gaza aid 'humanitarian corridor'  - Russia-Ukraine gas row escalates  
International - Opinion
What happened to Air France Flight 447?
Geithner remarks 'may reflect' policy shift
Henry Kissinger foresees brighter future for US-China relations
Bailouts have to cover wider spectrum of society
Palestinian, Israeli diplomats in China blame each other
A protracted war against recession
Bigger role for China in regional cooperation
Erekat: Israel is burying the peace process
Economic, political wrestling behind Russia-Ukraine gas row
PM says eurozone entry vital to Slovakia
Better Sino-US ties in both nations' interest
Why Awami League wins landslide victory in Bangladesh Parliamentary elections
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China-US ties at new historical starting point
Vietnamese official highlights CPC's role in China's reform and open-up cause
Marked changes in world's political, economic landscape
Israel's decisive offensive chases security, chills peace
Bumpy year for European integration
Sino-Australian trade ties can be stronger
Global auto bailout, a risky game?
Will GECF become an emerging gas OPEC?
Wall Street relieved at pre-holiday auto rescue, but worries persist
Holes in Obama's facts on global warming
New naval challenges
Controversial British report sparks online dispute
Obama's cabinet choices reflect 'No Drama' style
Durable peace deal between Israel, Hamas unlikely
Financial crisis puts EU unity under test
Seesawing marks EU-Russia ties in 2008
Interview: Ethiopian PM lauds China's reform policy
Catherine Sampson and her Amazing Magic Democratic Underpants!
What will happen after Israel-Gaza ceasefire ends?
US-China diplomatic ties proved 'significant and positive'
World economies engulfed by financial storm, call for joint action
South Asia cooperation: Progress made, challenges remain
Healthy development of bilateral relations conducive to China, EU
Aso's positive signals on Sino-Japanese ties
China-US relations on path to more progress
An unnecessary quarrel
Media openness improves after China's reform, openning up
Summit of China, S Korea, Japan 'meaningful'
EU summit reveals bloc's weaknesses
Christmas carnage! Thousands of mothers-in-law slaughtered!
The Guardian – champion of free speech, scourge of China
Decline in financial investment rattles British economy
Motor City of Detroit keeps faith in auto industry leaders
The Irish think again about the Lisbon Treaty
Financial crisis draws gloomy picture for global economic growth
EU summit to pass stimulus plan amid worsening meltdown
WB: East Asia 'better-positioned' amid global downturn
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