- Israel decides to expel Venezuelan ambassador  - Israeli army to hold daily three-hour ceasefire  - Israel to open Gaza aid 'humanitarian corridor'  - Russia-Ukraine gas row escalates  
International - Opinion
Japan rice crisis sheds light on bigger problem
Uneven progress on poverty
Japan's new PM faces challenges
How will Aso steer Japanese government out of gridlock
Letter from America: coming home a shock
Not all US companies in financial crisis treated equally
Brazilian expert sees China's development as successful model
Challenges ahead for newly elected Livni
US financial woes offer lessons
Japan sure victim of global financial crisis
Fundamental changes necessary for repairing capital market
Livni likely to form coalition
Financial turmoil may mean opportunity for Romania
Livni's victory not automatically sunshine to peace process
Palestinian economy increasingly dependent on foreign aid
Thorny issues may be still uncertain process in Lebanon
Re-examine US role in time of financial woes
ADB: drop in oil prices to be short lived
Fed actions a signal worst time yet to come
Paulson: Lehman bailout was never an option
From convention to the campaign trail
Coming collapse of the hegemonic world
Pakistan frowns on US intervention
Protests, unrest may continue in Thailand after Samak's renomination
The worst not over yet for US economic woes
9/11 memory fades, but never gone
US-Indian high-level meeting eyes unpredictable nuclear deal
Skyrocketing prices continue to threaten the right to food
Dilemma prompts OPEC to cut oil output
Will US takeover of mortgage giants work?
Why Canadian PM calls early election
UNCTAD report warns of gloomy outlook for world economy
What fuels fresh political crisis in Ukraine
Do Palin, Obama personify the 'American Dream?'
Fukuda's exit reflects drift in Japan's politics
Sarkozy's Syria visit to formalize top-level ties
CPP's control of parliamentarian seats helps secure policy sustainability
'Broader Middle East' to stay US security focus
Lingering possibilities in post-Fukuda era
Fukuda's resignation leaves uncertainty to ruling party
EU summit not likely to impose sanctions against Russia
EU, China to join hands for Africa's development
McCain woos California's pro-Democratic voters
Biden expected to help Obama in more than foreign policies
SCO playing ever bigger role
Global economy faces gathering storm
S. Ossetia conflict casts shadow over Russia-West ties
Common agenda for China, ROK
New powers challenge old rules of world trade
Rise of emerging markets reshapes global economic map
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