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Cold dishes

白菜心拌蜇头 Marinated Jellyfish and Chinese Cabbage in Vinaigrette
白灵菇扣鸭掌 Mushrooms with Duck Feet
拌豆腐丝 Shredded Tofu with Sauce
白切鸡 Boiled Chicken with Sauce
拌双耳 Tossed Black and White Fungus
冰梅凉瓜 Bitter Melon in Plum Sauce
冰镇芥兰 Chinese Broccoli with Wasabi
朝鲜辣白菜 Korean Cabbage in Chili Sauce
朝鲜泡菜 Kimchi
陈皮兔肉 Rabbit Meat with Tangerine Flavor

川北凉粉 Clear Noodles in Chili Sauce
刺身凉瓜 Bitter Melon with Wasabi
豆豉多春鱼 Shisamo in Black Bean Sauce
夫妻肺片 Pork Lungs in Chili Sauce
干拌牛舌 Ox Tongue in Chili Sauce
干拌顺风 Pig Ear in Chili Sauce
怪味牛腱 Spiced Beef Shank
红心鸭卷 Sliced Duck Rolls with Egg Yolk
姜汁皮蛋 Preserved Eggs in Ginger Sauce
酱香猪蹄 Pig Feet Seasoned with Soy Sauce

酱肘花 Sliced Pork in Soy Sauce
金豆芥兰 Chinese Broccoli with Soy Beans
韭黄螺片 Sliced Sea Whelks with Hotbed Chives
老北京豆酱 Traditional Beijing Bean Paste
老醋泡花生 Peanuts Pickled in Aged Vinegar
凉拌金针菇 Golden Mushrooms and Mixed Vegetables
凉拌西芹云耳 Celery with White Fungus
卤水大肠 Marinated Pork Intestines
卤水豆腐 Marinated Tofu
卤水鹅头 Marinated Goose Heads

卤水鹅翼 Marinated Goose Wings
卤水鹅掌 Marinated Goose Feet
卤水鹅胗 Marinated Goose Gizzard
卤水鸡蛋 Marinated Eggs
卤水金钱肚 Marinated Pork Tripe
卤水牛腱 Marinated Beef Shank
卤水牛舌 Marinated Ox Tongue
卤水拼盘 Marinated Meat Combination
卤水鸭肉 Marinated Duck Meat
萝卜干毛豆 Dried Radish with Green Soybean

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