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- Chinese mine-sweeping soldiers in Lebanon
- A sea of yellow flowers in Menyuan, Qinghai
- Splendid sceneries in Qinghai Lake areas
- Lunar New Year of Snake celebrationin Canada
- Delicacies at Beijing night markets
- US students spend summer learning Peking Opera
- Chinese immersion
- Delicate chinawares displayed before auction
- Chinese Culture Year closes in Italy
- Chinese art group performs in Australia's Brisbane

- Temple fair held in Tianjin in Spring Festival holiday
- Chinese cultural performance brings joy to audience in Chicago
- Lantern Festival celebrated in China
- Dragon dance competition held to promote traditional Chinese culture
- South Africa marks Chinese New Year
- Chinese Culture Year in Germany opens with grand concert
- Artists celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year in St. Petersburg
- Spring Festival celebrated in New York
- Lantern fair of Yuyuan held in Shanghai
- Vancouver celebrates Chinese Spring Festival

- Dragon decoration celebrates Chinese New Year Malaysia
- Chinese New Year celebrating event held in Toronto
- Online Chinese film festival launched in Bulgaria
- Chinese Culture Year concludes in Italy
- Chinese gearing up for Spring Festival
- Russia's 1st Confucius Institute celebrates 5th anniversary
- Tanzanian girls love to marry Chinese guys
- Year of Chinese Culture opens in Ankara
- California public kindergarten focuses on Chinese language instruction
- Shadow puppetry added to List of Intangible Cultural Heritage

- A homeland away from home
- China's Kunqu Opera staged in Vienna, Austria
- Chinese Consulate-General organizes Open Day event in Sydney
- Microblogs strengthen cultural ties between Chinese, foreigners
- China to build first Tai Chi theme park
- Vivid art works of Clay figurine Zhang exhibited
- Mightiest of Ducks
- Chinese Culture Day Celebration in San Francisco
- Confucius Institute signs agreement with Ethiopian universities
- Top schools present 'Study in China' in London

- A glimpse of Qi Shufang Peking Opera Troupe
- The warrior prince
- Peking Opera's foreign envoys
- Fans perform at 6th Peking Opera Festival
- 'Chinese Bridge' popular contestant on China impression
- Chinese-speaking contest links Chinese culture to world
- China promoting Taoism's influence abroad
- Chinese film cultural week opens in California, U.S.
- China culture exhibition 'Charming Beijing' opens in Italy
- Grand old dame of Russell Street

- Chinese oil paintings exhibition opens at UN headquarters
- Exhibition on Chinese craftsmanship opens in Romania
- Chinese language test attracts overseas students
- China sends equipment aid to Egyptian school
- Traditional hand-made boots and hats with tiger images
- Confucius Institutes narrowing culture gap in New Zealand
- Chinese language schools mushrooming in Cambodia
- China runs Confucius video in New York's Times Square
- Mandarin test for native stirs up debate
- 2,562nd birthday of Confucius commemorated

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