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- US Olympic volunteers learn Chinese calligraphy
- Imperial College re-opens after massive renovation
- Confucius Institute to be opened in Argentina
- International Festival Chorus connects cultures
- Leaping language barriers: experiences of travel
- International daning school - a great place for kids
- Zimbabwe to further promote Chinese language
- Peking Opera enters campus, young generation
- Chinese education show inaugurated in Bangladesh
- French expat writer to launch Shenzhen guidebooks

- Confucius Institute debuts Chinese-language class in Cairo University
- Linguist left speechless
- All countries called to join Beijing Olympics
- Combat over Chinese character unification
- Pinyin celebrates 50th birthday
- Japan fund offers Chinese gift of learning
- Chinese, US students join hands to explore Mars
- Qigong getting popular as China goes global
- Why the world is stuck on sticks
- Afghanistan to set up Confucius Institute

- Tis the season for learning
- HK to launch Putonghua teaching scheme
- Another red star over China

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Learn Chinese quickly and easily! Videos here include reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar and examples.
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Crosswords / 填字游戏

The method of using this crossword form is quite straight forward, and will be clear if you have ever done an English crossword. Here are just a few tips on how to use the form most effectively.

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