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Nightlife shifting away from electronic opulence
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Life, at the moment, is, in no uncertain terms, looking up, and, undeniably, perhaps even understandably, can be described as good. The east is red, my friends, and there's nothing brighter than a Shanghai sunrise.

Except for some inexplicable reason, we're feeling pretty bored here at Shanghai Daily Towers. There are times when it feels like the nightlife scene has stagnated from when this column first came of existence. Remember the days we were name-dropping left, right and center? Now it seems all we rather do is to have a few quiet drinks and then fall asleep on the sofa watching DVD.

Is this because we're getting older? Non non, mon ami, it's because there hasn't been anything exciting in yonks. Au contraire, we're just as full of energy as before we're just lacking a proper channel for it.

Regular readers will notice we've not mentioned Attica for a while (or our darling Ling, for that matter). Well, as of last weekend, the "superclub" modeled after the Pascha (Ibiza) model breathed its last.

It got a good initial following, but had too many things working against it and its idea of exclusivity was somewhat misplaced. We're not going to kick a dog while it's down, so we'll just leave it by wishing Neil and co all the best.

We have yet to go, but we're told the recently opened Club Sky in the New Factories mimics Attica down to a T. What we have noticed it that Ferry Corsten will be making an appearance there next weekend - is he even still relevant? We loved him back in the day, but surely if he's here for another big pay out it's a bit of a joke?

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