· Tibetan songs and dances on show in Beijing
· New human fossil find rewrites China's history
· 290 ancient tombs found in Beijing
· Chinese theater goers find familiarity in 42nd Street
· The 10th West Lake Art Fair opens
· Women's handicrafts displayed in Shannxi
· World's tallest Buddha to get another facelift
· First set Quasi-Rice-paper stamps issued
· Fireworks illuminate Hangzhou sky
· Park to be built to honor 'Flying Tigers'
· Ancient ship to be lifted
· Aliens or ancestors? The mysteries of ancient Sichuan
· Nanning: On the wings of a song
· Terra cotta warrior pit to receive face-lift
· Boat marks 1,400 years of relations with Japan
· Traditional temple fair start in Beijing's Miyun County
· Jordan to cooperate with China in relic protection, archaeology
· 'Mystery of Tibet' decoded
· Sculptors redefine pigs and ants
· 5 guesses on Emperor Qin Shihuang's tomb
· Russian classic Boris Godunov to make Asian debut in HK
· Rare stone to go on display
· 4 cities jointly apply for world heritage recognition
· Mysterious ancient castles discovered in Hunan
· Mysterious ancient castles discovered in Hunan
· 2,000-year-old tomb frescos discovered
· China to open first fingerprint museum
· PLA Symphony Orchestra first show in Japan
· Ancient Chinese poetry contest in Suzhou
· Muslims celebrate end of Ramadan
· Sculpture screen of Chinese Olympic champions completed
· Protect our folk arts before its too late
· China's largest non-official jade exhibition opens
· Architect Paul Andreu talks about National Grand Theater
· Life of great and wise man celebrated
· World's largest luminous crystal on display
· Chinese performers give show in Mexico
· Buddhist Culture Festival lightens up Beijing's Longquan Temple
· Intangible cultural heritages in E China
· Grand kite art expo held in Weifang
· Wild west America to be shown in China
· A misunderstood of Lust, Caution
· Brothers to be staged in Poly Theater
· Emperors' treasures reflect refined taste
· Artists join hands in huge fan painting
· Fresh brew at Starbucks site in Forbidden City
· Modern Asian art on view
· Toothpicks to turn into art
· Seiji Ozawa Blitzes Marriage of Figaro
· 10th Asian Cartoon Exhibition Opens in Cambodia
· Famed US Photographer Opens Photo Show
· China Bans 13 Sex-related Radio Talk Shows
· 12 Animal Sculptures from Yuan Ming Yuan Replicated
· Classic Shaoxing Operas Come to Shenzhen
· Terracotta Exhibition Starts at British Museum
· Contemporary Art Upsets the Apple Cart Literally
· Foreign Females Embrace Art of Kungfu Tea
· 2007 Shanghai Art Fair Opens
· Fine Tuning Without Direction
· Japanese Art in Beijing: a Drama of Excellence