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Kingdom of Bicycles (1985-2000)
By Wang Wenlan

Beijing, 1985

Beijing, 1985 [China.org.cn] 


Wang Wenlan was born in Beijing in 1953 and is now assistant to the chief editor of China Daily, vice president of the China Photographers Association, and consultant to a number of famous art magazines such as Chinese Photographer and Philharmonic. He has reported many major domestic and international events, including the Tangshan earthquake and the visits of foreign leaders to China for events such as the Olympics. He has won many awards, including "outstanding photography reporter" and "academic contribution to Chinese news photography". He has published several photography collections including "Beijing Style", "Celebrity Portraits", and "SARS through 100 Reporters' Eyes". He also teaches courses in news photography at Beijing University, Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily and many other academic and news institutions.


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