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Second, but not playing second fiddle

China's second place in the Olympic medal table is a genuine reflection of its current standing.

London's Olympic legacy

London carried out a flawless Games, but will the optimism bring any real economic benefit for average Britons?
'Shamateurism' myth presents false image of champions

'Shamateurism' myth presents false image of champions

By presenting some of its champion athletes as amateurs, certain Western media give a false impression of the true status of these world-class performers.

Olympic spirit lives on

The London Olympic Games ended on Sunday, but the moving scenes of athletes challenging their physical limits in the competition arena will live on in the memories of many spectators.
'There is no perfect Olympics'

'There is no perfect Olympics'

Former Chinese Olympic Committee vice-president Wei Jizhong urged the public not to compare the London Olympics with the "unparalleled" Beijing Games.

Is being at home an advantage, or just a burden in disguise?

As British diving star Tom Daley prepared to face China's Qiu Bo on Saturday, four-time Olympic gold winner Guo Jingjing - the world's most successful diver - pointed out that competing at home brings greater pressure.
Former official calls for new judging system

Former official calls for new judging system

Controversial officiating won't harm China's successful Olympic campaign in London.

Liu still a hero despite London letdown

Liu Xiang's untimely exit from the London Olympics does nothing to detract from his status as a champion and national hero.

Against the Olympic spirit

Accusing any athlete who performs extraordinarily of wrongdoing without sound evidence is an affront to the Olympic spirit.
Liu Xiang worth more than gold medal

A reader's letter: Liu Xiang worth more than gold medal

I listened to his interview before the hurdles came up and was inspired by his message. He may not have won the gold medal, but he is worth more than any gold medal.
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USA 46 29 29 104
China 38 27 23 88
Great Britain 29 17 19 65


24 25 33 82
South Korea 13 8 7 28

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