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Rewards for Olympic medalists

Rewards for Olympic medalists

Many countries offer their London Olympic medalist a variety of rewards.

Talent, training and thought behind Ye Shiwen's triumph

Swimming sensation Ye Shiwen's Olympic success is a potent mixture of scientific training, dedication and planning, not doping or genetic manipulation.

Ye Shiwen: Life outside the pool

Like other teenage girls, Ye Shiwen fancies fine clothes, is addicted to online shopping and loves detective stories.

Tailored in China, for Team World

The record number of Olympic teams clad in clothes bearing Chinese innovations brings a "made-in-China" to "created-in-China" paradigm shift to the London Games.

Six events expand China's gold prospects in London

China.org.cn analyzes six events where China hopes to expand its prospects for gold at the London Games.
'Made in China' for London Olympics

'Made in China' for London Olympics

Workers are busy working in front of sewing machines in a manufacturing workshop in the northeastern coastal city of Dalian as the 2012 London Olympics approaches.
Inside Liu Xiang's rice bowl

Inside Liu Xiang's rice bowl

People have paid particular attention to the menu of the athletes, especially Chinese star hurdler, Liu Xiang.

Buffet serves up Olympic recipe for success

Serving food for athletes is no easy job.

Zou takes one last swing for China

As one of the most favored fighters in his division, Zou Shiming will go all out to defend his title in London.
     1   2   3    

USA 46 29 29 104
China 38 27 23 88
Great Britain 29 17 19 65


24 25 33 82
South Korea 13 8 7 28

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