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Lugu Lake in Lijiang
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Lugu Lake is situated in the Sichuan-Yunnan provincial border at the altitude of 2600m. The area is inhabited by the Mosuo tribe (摩梭族), a branch of the Naxi tribe (纳西族).The lake landscape provides the tourists aesthetic pleasure.
Lugu Lake is about 240 km away from Lijiang. Bus is available from Lijiang to Lugu. It costs 5 hours and 120 yuan (US$17) per person. The road is the typical winding road on the mountains. It is dangerous and you can not help worrying about your safety, and praying your bus not falling into the valley.

The most interesting part of the lake is, the people in the villages are still living in the Maternal families. It means, they do not marry. Visiting marriage represents the main marriage system of Lugu Lake’s Mosuo people. There are only mothers. There is no concept of father. It should be the last matriarchal culture in the world.


30 yuan for boat to Liwubi Island
30 yuan for boat to Tusi Island
10 yuanfor admiring the party
15 yuan for visiting a local family

(China.org.cn June 26, 2008)


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