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Panjin wetland, a wild patch of wonderland
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Located in the southwest of Liaoning Province bounded by Yingkou, An'Shan and Jinzhou by land, Panjin is a central belt of the Liaohe Delta, neighbored by Liaodong Bay in the south with a total coastline of about 118 Km long. Liaohe enters the sea in Panjin.

In 1990 some ornithologists from the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) came to conduct research and announced that Panjin is the breeding habitat for the endangered Saunder's gull. In recent years, Some places of sightseeing have been established, such as waterfowl garden, reed garden, crane-viewing platform, crane-releasing pavilion and swinging bridge.

Panjin city has a unique and charming scenery. There is dense reef and wide river rapids. There is Shuangtaizi State Natural Reserve with a total area of 80,000 hectares.

On the coastline within the area there is also a marvelous spectacle on earth, "Red Seabeach ( reed-grass beach )", which is named as one of the "fifty beautiful landscapes" in Liaoning. The clam mound in Erjie Ditch is called "Golden Beach at Bohai Sea", which appears as sea when the tide is in or land and when the tide is out. It is particularly romantic to step on the clams in rolling waves.

Panjin city serves as one of the few breeding grounds for endangered birds such as the red-crowned crane and Saunders' Gull, where 321 various wild animals are inhabited, including 236 kinds of birds, 31 kinds of national first and second class protection animals such as red-crowned crane, black-mouth gull and white swan, etc. Millions of birds of as much as 172 different species stop at the area during their migration, including more than 20 endangered species such as the red-crowned crane, Demoiselle Crane, white stork, black stork, white-fronted goose, whooper swan, and brown goshawk. On a special note, Panjin is also called "Home of the Cranes" for the above reasons.

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