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Five-day trip in Qingdao, September 7, 2010 Print  E-mail

Qingdao is not a big city but has lots of interesting places. For tourists, a five-day trip may be the best choice, including three days in the city and the other two days at Laoshan Mountain.

First day: old western district

The old district is in the west of Qingdao. 

Qingdao Bay is an old area surrounded with historic buildings, red tiling, lush trees, a crystal-blue sea, and clear skies. The trestle bridge next to the train station faces Small Qingdao across the sea. Zhongshan Road is the busiest commercial road in Qingdao, and the small boutiques offer treasures to the careful shopper. Famous architecture, such as the Catholic and Christian churches, and the Guest and Government houses, gives the city a unique charm. Signal Hill or Fish Mountain offer a commanding, panoramic view of the old district.

Second day: Badaguan and Huiquan Bay

The Huiquan Bay attracts thousands of tourists every year.

In the morning, visit the International Architecture Exhibition and have a taste of puffer fish in the Qingli restaurant at noon. After 2 p.m., the sea becomes warm, and that's the best time to enjoy a sea-water bath. When the sun goes down, tourists and locals easily find delicious seafood in charming and comfortable restaurants.

Third day: the eastern new district

The Olympic Sailing Center was built in 2008. 

From Wusi Square to the Olympic Sailing Center, walk seaside, then go shopping in the new commercial center, and then head to specialty restaurants on Yunxiao and Minjiang road. After lunch, Polar Ocean World and Shilaoren Bay will provide quiet and romance, while the Surf Plaza Resort Hotel (SPR Hotel) is the best place to relax and be pampered. In the evening, beer flows, music delights and bars come alive as locals and tourist drink heartily.

Forth and fifth day: Laoshan Mountain

Laoshan Mountain is located on the shore of the Yellow Sea. 

There are four lines (south, east, middle and waterway) to visit Laoshan Mountain, and each line has its own advantages.

The south line starts from Hong Kong East Road or Donghai East Road, via Shazikou, Dengying, Liuqinghe to Taiqing Palace. If time allows, you can visit Shangqing, Jufeng, and Qipanshi scenic spots as well. This line includes many famous places and returns to the city during the day. Take tour buses or buses numbered 104, 113 and 304.

The east line begins with Licun Village, Licang District, via Xifu, Wanggezhuang, to Yangkou. It’s a good idea to spend more time at Qipanshi or Taiqing Palace, and then return via the south line. If you take a taxi, you can finish both the south line and the east line in one day, or if you take buses 123, 312, or 106, you may only enjoy the east line.

The middle line also starts from Licun Village, via Beilongkou, Beizhai, Wuyixiang to Beijiushui. You can also visit Hualou, Jufeng, or Yangkou by taxi or by numbered buses 107, 110, 311 and 365.

The waterway picks tourists up at the Tour Wharf of Qingdao Bay and lands at Taiqing Bay. You can visit Taiqing and Shangqing scenic spots on this route.

In the afternoon of the fifth day, return to the city and enjoy the sunset while listening to seagulls singing on the trestle bridge.


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