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Open day held by water diversion project in Tianjin

China.org.cnUpdated: October 26, 2018

On Oct. 25, the Tianjin Sub-Bureau of the Construction Administration of the Central Route of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project held an open day for the project at its Tianjin Management Office, located in the town of Zhongbei, Xiqing district. Representatives of the Tianjin Municipal People's Congress, CPPCC members of the Jiusan Society, representatives of Tianjin's government officials and residents, as well as representatives of project builders are invited to the project site and inspect the water quality at the project’s Tianjin trunk line. The open day is hosted in order to help all sectors of the society to learn more about the project, to witness the results of its standardized operation and management, and to experience the economic, social and ecological benefits it brings about.

Visitors at a distribution well.

During the activity, visitors took close looks at the project and inspected the Exit Gate Project of Tianjin Outer Ring River, the Tianjin Caozhuang Pump Station Project, the Ziya Hebei Distribution Well, and the Tianjin Commanding Hall. The managerial staff of those projects briefed the situation of project construction and water quality monitoring, and the representatives were informed of the operation and management of the water supply system and the social and ecological benefits that the project has brought to the receiving areas along the water diversion route. An exchange forum was also held after the visit.

Representatives are briefed on the situation of project construction.

The representatives expressed their gratitude for the South-to-North Water Diversion Project for bringing them a safe and reliable source of high-quality water, saying that the project will benefit generations of people. In all, the water diversion project provides an important guarantee for the development of Tianjin and the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei province. "As the beneficiaries of the project, we are also the protectors of the project. Through this open day activity, we have come into closer contact with the project and have learned about the operation of the project scheduling, water dispatch and the water quality guarantee system. Having understood the safety and reliability of the project, we will continue to support the construction and operation management of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project as always, and introduce the projects to our friends and make contributions to the smooth operation of the project," the representatives said.

Representatives inspect the test results of water quality.

A person in charge of the Tianjin sub-bureau said that this open day activity is aimed at better implementing the development concept of "opening up and sharing," so that the masses can have a deeper understanding that diverting water from south to north is not easy, and more importantly, people can be confident with the meticulous management of the water diversion project. After four years of stable operation, the amount of diverted water has exceeded 3.2 billion cubic meters, and greatly improved the ecology and environment of Tianjin and the areas along the route.