Gaddafi's son warns of civil wars

Print E-mail Xinhua, February 21, 2011
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A total of 100 people have been killed during anti-government protests in the Libyan city of Benghazi by the security forces, the pan-Arab Al Arabiya TV reported on Sunday.

The turbulence also spread to Morocco, where thousands rallied for change across the country.

Thousands of demonstrators on Sunday gathered in a number of Moroccan cities, including the capital Rabat, to protest the government's corruption and called for political reforms.

In Rabat, some 2,000 people participated in the march, chanting "People want change," while in the country's biggest city of Casablanca, about 1,000 people took to the streets to claim their political demands, the Arab Maghred News Agency quoted organizers as saying on Sunday.

Protests also broke out in cities like Marrakech, Jeddah, Tangier, Inezgane and Laayoune, the agency reported,

In Yemen's capital of Sanaa, nearly 2,000 protesters calling for the ouster of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, mostly students, held a sit-in Sunday evening and erected tents at a place they name it "Changing square" in front of the main gate of Sanaa University.

In southern province of Ibb, around 1,500 anti-government protesters gathered on Sunday for the first time in this province, asking Saleh to leave, said an unidentified local security official.

In Bahrain, thousands of demonstrators have been camping on the Pearl Square in central Manama again after troops and armored vehicles pulled out on Saturday, hoping to build on the momentum generated by protests in Tunisia and Egypt.

Protesters, most of them Shiites, are pressing for political reforms, including the release of political prisoners and the sack of the incumbent prime minister.

They also call for more economic reforms and new jobs.

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