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China, Denmark celebrate 10th anniv. of partnership

A ceremony was held to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Denmark at the Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing on June 21.


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  • Italy and Spain, united against austerity

    Despite the media's focus on their political differences, the new governments of Italy and Spain may prove formidable allies against the German-led economic austerity of the EU.

  • Following the G7, the US stands alone

    With unwelcome positions on tariffs and Russia, American President Donald Trump is alienating his country from the rest of the world's leading industrial nations.

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Pakistani Ambassador: Shanghai Spirit promotes SCO Charter

Pakistan's Ambassador to China, Masood Khalid, shares with us his opinions on the SCO, the mutual impact between Pakistan and the SCO, and Pakistan's future plans for the Belt and Road Initiative.

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