Statement of Intent on Cleaner Air and Cleaner Energy, Technology Cooperation Between the Environmental Protection-Agency of the United States of America and the State Development Planning Commission of the People's Republic of China


This Statement of intent outlines a proposed collaborative program between the United States Environmental Protection Agency(EPA)and the People's Republic of China State Development Planning Commission(SDPC).The program supports the provisions of UNFCCC and relevant decisions made by the Conference of the Parties on Development and Transfer of Technology.This program is to:(1)further identify priority energy technologies which support the sustainable development priorities of China,and simultaneously reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the project level;(2)identify environmentally sound technologies in the energy field which are suitable for China and can be facilitated through bilateral cooperation with the United States of America;(3)analyze and identify the barriers to transfer of priority technologies to China;and,(4)put forward proposals for overcoming these barriers.This program will target technologies which have the dual benefits of promoting efficient economic development and reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions at the project level.

This program,the Cleaner Air and Cleaner Energy Technology Cooperation Program,is to build on and greatly expand the collaborative process already in progress under the Technology Cooperation Agreements Pilot Project(TCAPP)which is coordinated in China by SDPC and implemented through a cooperative agreement between the United States National Renewable Energy Laboratory(NREL)and the Global Climate Change Institute of Tsinghua University.The U.S. EPA and the U.S. Department of Energy(DOE)coordinate the U.S. support for the TCAPP.Through this effort,the Chinese technical team has identified priority technology areas including:(1)high efficiency electric motors;(2)grid-connected wind electric power;(3)efficiency improvements in coal-fired industrial boilers;and,(4)cleaner coal technology for electric power generation.

This new program is to support development and implementation of projects and project financing proposals in each of the four key areas,and to identify additional priority energy technologies.Results of this technology cooperation and project development work will be provided as a contribution to the implementation of technology transfer under the Framework Convention on Climate Change.Project ideas developed in this program may also serve as example for the future Clean Development Mechanism(CDM)projects.

This program is to continue for three years.The EPA intends to provide financial support through the existing TCAPP agreement between NREL and Tsinghua University,and other channels as appropriate.SDPC is to coordinate this program and ensure that relevant Ministries to be conducted under this Statement of Intent are subject to the availability of appropriated funds and resources.Tsinghua University is to ensure that leading technical institutes and experts are involved in the technology teams.The U.S. EPA and NREL are to provide necessary technical support.This support will also include the involvement of private sector,as appropriate.

Done in Washington,this ninth day of April one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine in English and Chinese

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Administrator               Chairman

Environmental Projection Agency      State Development Planning Commission

of the United States of America      of the People's Republic of China

(Source: website of the China Climate Change Info-Net)