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• US concern at drill pipe from China
• US scraps dumping tariffs on paintbrush
• US levies anti-dumping tariff
• China gets WTO backing in chicken import row with US
• Wire decking from China not injure U.S. industry
• Aluminum firm seeks support in US dumping row
• U.S. sets preliminary penalties on Chinese drill pipe
• US slaps punitive duties on China steel gratings
• US sets penalties on Chinese concrete steel wire strand
• China hopes for equal treatment in US exports control regime
• U.S. sets penalties on Chinese copper pipe, tube
• US investigates alleged sops for extrusion firms
• U.S. sets preliminary penalties on Chinese pipe
• China to impose anti-dumping duties on U.S., Russian steel
• US sets anti-dumping duties on China bricks
• Sino-US trade rows escalate
• US to impose preliminary duties on 2 Chinese goods
• Backgrounder: Recent major trade disputes between China and the U.S.
• China blasts US for pipe levy
• Chinese firms accused of tariff evasion
• U.S., China swap more tariffs
• China dismisses US criticism over trade
• China may sanction arms-selling U.S. companies
• U.S.trade accusations against China defy facts
• China: U.S. protectionism endangers trade ties
• Sanctions target US firms
• US launches trade probe against Chinese drill pipe
• Sino-U.S. trade friction in Obama's 1st year
• WTO probes US duties on Chinese tires
• Probe into U.S. claims of toxic jewelry
• China strongly opposes US duties on pipe imports
• Steel industry condemns punitive US trade measure
• US imposes duties on China steel grating
• Steel firms blast US' latest levies
• China, US seek to avoid trade war
• US-funded firms urge to contain trade protectionism
• Auto imports from US under scanner
• Chinese PV products face dumping suit
• US expert: Protectionism no cure to economy
• China files WTO complaint over US tyre tariffs
• Probe 'not revenge' for hefty tire tariff
• FM: US tire tariff against G20 commitments
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