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• China 'gravely concerned' over EU's modem probe
• Anti-dumping duties imposed on EU's iron or steel fasteners
• Ceramic makers to unite in EU anti-dumping probe
• EU launches anti-dumping probe into Chinese ceramic tiles
• China urges early solution of shoe trade dispute with EU
• China asks WTO to rule on EU duties
• China dissatisfied with EU's coated paper investigation
• China, EU square off over shoe charges
• EU imposes trade remedies on Chinese products
• Shoemakers adjust amid EU anti-dumping dispute
• EU opens probe into Chinese coated fine paper
• China launches WTO action over EU shoe levy
• Chinese ambassador expects better German ties
• Spain could ask EU to lift arms ban on China
• Trade protectionism charges against China growing
• Tit-for-tat move in trade rows
• China opposes EU duties on footwear
• EU carbon tax hits Chinese airlines
• China opposes EU's proposal for shoe duties extension
• China welcomes EU's rejection of shoe duties
• Waiting for the indispensable China-EU axis to emerge
• China, Belgium voice opposition against protectionism
• Weeds of protectionism
RMB Exchange Rates
Issued by State Administration of Foreign Exchanges

Currency (Unit:100) RMB
US dollar 658.1
Euro 779.89
Japanese yen


HK dollar 84.265
British pound 875.6
Apr. 19, 2012
Gold Fuel oil
Contract Close price %change
au1205 335.12


au1206 335.27


Gold Fuel oil
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