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China-Other Countries
• China slaps anti-dumping tariffs on imported pure terephthalic acid
• China reviews anti-dumping measures on imported chloroprene rubber
• China-Peru free trade pact takes effect
• China, Switzerland oppose trade protectionism
• Swiss foreign trade figures indicate China boom
• China, Costa Rica conclude FTA talks
• China, Vietnam to set up new trade zone
• Indian Ambassador welcomes more Chinese business
• Vietnam's imports from China reach grows in 2009
• China views Ethiopia as major partner
• China, Turkey to boost closer economic ties
• ASEAN chief warns FTA gov'ts against protectionism
• China, Ghana eye for faster development
• Tunisia, China look to boost cooperation ties
• China urges APEC to combat against protectionism
• India's decision to end trade probe into tires appreciated
RMB Exchange Rates
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Currency (Unit:100) RMB
US dollar 658.1
Euro 779.89
Japanese yen


HK dollar 84.265
British pound 875.6
Apr. 19, 2012
Gold Fuel oil
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au1205 335.12


au1206 335.27


Gold Fuel oil
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