People's Livelihood
Rural elderly need better care
According to the Ministry of civil affairs, the rural elderly population is 1.24 percent larger than its urban counterpart in China. And by 2028, the discrepancy is projected to increase to 11 percent. This means that providing better care for the rural elderly is a serious issue.
China to further promote people's livelihood
The ruling Communist Party of China's arduous and steady moves to promote people's well-being and democracy over the past ten years have proved fruitful.
Income distribution reform urgent for China
As China accumulates wealth during its rapid economic development, it is crucial to narrow the widening earnings gap through income distribution reform.
Tibet starts free pre-school educational program
Tibet allocated US$10.9 mln to start its free preschool educational program to urban public kindergartens, benefiting 38,000 children in September this year.
Campaign launched to check stroke in China
A campaign will be launched to check high-risk groups for cerebrovascular accident, or stroke, in more than 200 cities, the Ministry of Health has announced.
Tougher laws against child abuse urged
Legal and education experts are calling for the Criminal Law to be revised to include the offense of child abuse after a number of incidents in which minors were physically or sexually abused have come to light.
China pledges more tolerance for juvenile offenders
China's top procuratorate authority on Monday disclosed a guideline toward more favorable prosecution policies for juvenile offenders.
China to build 100 intelligent bases for the old
China plans to build 100 high-tech nursing homes for its old age population within 10 years, the China National Committee on Ageing (CNCA) revealed on Monday.
Experts call for child abuse crime after kindergarten scandals
A crime of child abuse should be established in law to better protect children from abusive teachers or household nurses, according to Chinese experts.
China to prevent wage defaults for migrant workers
The government will carry out a campaign to prevent wage defaults for migrant workers from rural areas, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security said Thursday.
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