- Senior political advisors leave Beijing for Vietnam visit
- Senior political advisor meets Kyrgyzstan guest
- Top advisors meet to study essence of CPC Central Committee session
- Art show staged to mark CPPCC's 60th founding anniversary
- CPPCC urged to further play political advisory role
- CPPCC vows to help develop economy
- Senior Chinese leader hails multi-party cooperation
- Top political advisor stresses poverty relief
- CPPCC celebrates 50th anniversary of documents collection work
- Jia Qinglin meets KMT honorary chairman
- China will never copy Western political system
- Chinese political system 'different' from the West
- Jia meets KMT chairman, honorary chairman
- How did the CPPCC get its name?
- What is the CPPCC's composition?
- What are the primary functions of the CPPCC?
- What are the general principles guiding the work of CPPCC?
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