Africa has been a major beneficiary of China's decision to share the fruits for its achievements in economic development with the rest of the developing world.

Robert Lawrence Kuhn shares his memory of China's development in the past three decades.

Each country has its own way of celebrating national founding day. This writer recalls his first National Day in China.

China has recorded remarkable achievements in eradicating poverty, and is now sharing its experiences and wisdom gained with the world.

Since Bangladesh joined China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in 2016, it has been a beneficiary of much investment and aid to enhance its economic development.

The blistering pace of expansion by China's economy in the past decades has impressed the world as "China speed." Now the term is taking on new meaning as the country enters a new development phase.

Top educational institutions from the West are increasingly looking to China for partnerships in research and development, a trend that holds promise for the future benefit of all parties.

The advent of the 70th anniversary of the PRC's founding gives us an opportunity to reflect on the past progress and future trajectory of China's extraordinary political and economic achievements.

China's growing high-end manufacturing industry and adoption of intelligent and interconnected systems are crucial to the nation's future economic growth.

China's recent move to remove investment limits for relevant foreign investors will provide them with more convenience to access the Chinese bond and equity markets.

A spirit of innovation, endless reform and opening up has contributed to China's spectacular rise and will continue to contribute to its future success.

China is on the right path towards exceeding its U.N.-set climate protection targets, which is beneficial not just for itself but also for the whole planet.

China is making a huge effort to become a world-leading innovator in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

Chinese healthcare services are rapidly improving and the advances are being shared with the rest of the world.

Looking back at agricultural development and grain production in the past 70 years, one can see the amazing achievements that China has made in feeding its population.

Fifty years after the first human moonwalk, the world's largest powers are finally getting closer to realizing and economizing the amazing potential of the privatized space sector.

On August 18, China unveiled a detailed plan of reforms to be implemented in Shenzhen, supporting it in establishing a model area of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

China is making a huge effort to become a world-leading innovator in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

A new policy was released on Aug. 13 aimed at ensuring Shanghai becomes more open by promoting development of the headquarters economy.

The ambitious development plan of the Lingang New Area in Shanghai is a major step forward in China's opening up strategy, but it needs to be handled well in many aspects to achieve the best results.

​China leads the way in ensuring the Belt and Road Initiative develops on an environmentally sustainable path.

A senior researcher at the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies, Renmin University of China, offers a detailed explanation of China's stable economic performance in the first half of the year.

China's reform and opening up is expanding to its finance sector, with a number of new policies and initiatives that will not only benefit the country, but foreign enterprises as well.

It's time again for the leaders of many fields around the world to meet at the Summer Davos. This event in China is making real gains to ensure globalization becomes an irreversible trend.

The upcoming China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo in Hunan is a chance for China and African nations to deepen their partnership and create win-win outcomes for all.

Subway systems now dominate the transportation scene in many Chinese cities, and this trend will continue for some years to come, given the massive economic and environmental gains they have achieved.

The recent 19th SCO meeting of heads of state in Bishkek has reaffirmed the goal of China and other member states to build a stronger Asian regional order through security and economic collaboration.

In the context of serious challenges being faced by Asian countries, Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to Tajikistan and participation in the CICA summit will demonstrate China's responsibilities within Asia and the world.

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization will hold its 19th annual summit in Kyrgyzstan, demonstrating its growing strength in promoting regional cooperation in many key policy areas.

Despite the ongoing trade war, China's trade in services and service industry is becoming increasingly important not just for the country, but for the global economy as well.

China's ability to balance major industrialization with green and sustainable initiatives serves as an example for developing and developed countries in their fight against pollution.

The Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations (CDAC) currently underway in Beijing is a great opportunity to promote dialogue and develop a joint approach to the world's numerous problems.

The time has come to wholeheartedly embrace the digital revolution, and the Digital China Summit being held in the city of Fuzhou offers a chance to see where it is going.

Innovation in mobile payments, AI, VR and electric vehicles could potentially help China reform its economy to avoid the "middle income trap."

Delivering the opening speech of the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing, President Xi Jinping highlighted the project's core values of international cooperation, inclusive growth and shared prosperity.

BRI is on track to build deeper global multilateralism, integration and improve the livelihoods of millions around the world through economic liberalization.

Although there are technical problems for them to solve together, China-Europe relations will continue to thrive.

China launches a comprehensive suite of reforms to boost businesses and fuel the growth of its real economy.

The Boao Forum for Asia conference seeks to forge a new path of cooperation for nations and communities in the age of globalization.

Joint construction of the Belt and Road will continue to be a major measure of China's opening up in the new era.

China is to share its experience in poverty reduction with global community as challenges to eradicate world poverty still loom large.

The coming session of China's National People's Congress will review a new foreign investment law that is designed to make the mainland market more attractive to potential corporate investors.