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· Chinese astronauts visit Macao
· Taikonauts wind up visit to HK, heading for Macao
· China celebrates first spacewalk, cites space heroes
· Scientists start studying samples from Shenzhou-VII
· BX-1 begins orbiting Shenzhou-VII spaceship
· Scientists to collect experimental data in re-entry module
· Space lab, a step-stone to grander feats
· Shenzhou-7 capsule shipped to Beijing for further studies
· China to issue commemorative coins for maiden spacewalk
· Macao SAR chief congratulates successful space mission
· Shenzhou-7 sets standard for China-made products
· China meets spacecraft Shenzhou-7 back to earth
· Pride, joy after successful space mission
· Space triumph heralds China's dynamics
· Foreign media closely follow successful landing of Shenzhou-7
· Chinese taikonauts back to Beijing
· China to build space station in 2020
· Scientists: Shenzhou-7 lubricant test significant to further space missions
· Foreign leaders congratulate China on successful space mission
· China's first spacewalker says proud of motherland
· Premier: China committed to peaceful exploration of outer space
· Turkmen president hails China's successful launch of manned spacecraft
· Shenzhou-7 mission a complete success
· Chance slim for Shenzhou VII to land on foreign territory
· Wives of tailonauts expect reunion in pride, anxiety
· China's first spacewalker
· China to select new astronauts for future space mission
· 'Divine Vessel' carries nation to space of wonder
· Shenzhou-VII launches small monitoring satellite
· Senior DPRK official hails China's successful launch of Shenzhou VII
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Zhai Zhigang
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Liu Boming
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Jing Haipeng
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