SCIO briefing on stories of frontline workers fighting against COVID-19

The State Council Information Office held a press conference on Sunday afternoon in Wuhan, epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak, to tell the stories of workers on the frontline of the epidemic prevention and control. February 24, 2020

Voice of Hubei, Radio News Channel of Hubei Radio and TV Station:

These days, food deliveries in Wuhan have not been easy to order. Therefore, we especially admire the courage and devotion demonstrated by the delivery drivers here. May I ask you to share with us the stories about the people or events that have impressed you most?

Wu Hui:

I would like to tell you something about a doctor's family. It happened late one evening when I was finishing work. Just as I was getting ready to head home, a delivery request came through with a note saying, "this is a meal for my father cooked by my mother. He is a doctor at frontlines. Thank you." My eyes brimmed with tears; this was a delivery I must accept. Their home was not far away, so I arrived there soon and called the girl. She said her father's surname was Chen, and he was a doctor at the front line fighting the epidemic. He was afraid of cross-infection and stayed in a hotel near the hospital after work. The girl asked me again, if I could give the meal to her father soon.

Her mother gave me dinner. I hurried to the hotel where Dr. Chen was staying. However, upon my arrival, I discovered the doctor had already been summoned by the hospital. I felt so sorry that I hadn't fulfilled the wish of the little girl. I don't know the full name of Dr. Chen, nor do I know the hospital where he works. All I know is that he is a dedicated doctor and a good father. He had a good daughter who is so proud of him and a wife who supports him by enabling him to concentrate on his work. I felt so honored to be able to convey the love among the members of a family like that. They are an ordinary family, and they are a great family. 

I wish Dr. Chen and his family safety and happiness.

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