SCIO briefing on stories of frontline workers fighting against COVID-19

The State Council Information Office held a press conference on Sunday afternoon in Wuhan, epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak, to tell the stories of workers on the frontline of the epidemic prevention and control. February 24, 2020

Xi Yanchun:

These ordinary workers have been fighting in their posts to fulfill their duties, especially medical workers. I heard that they rushed to the press conference after their night shift. I can't bear to let them spend too much time here. They need rest. So, let the following question be the last one, Ok? Reporters, if you have a special question, please ask as soon as possible.

Xinhua News Agency:

Thank you very much for sharing everyone. One of the best sentences we have heard recently is, "Spring shall always come." I want to ask the frontline workers: What are you looking forward to the most? Thank you.

Xi Yanchun:

I guess everyone has something to say, so please say a few more words.

Yu Ting:

I have asked all the doctors and nurses around me, "What are you looking forward to the most?" Everyone agreed and said, "We are looking forward to the immediate end of the epidemic." After all, the physical and mental fatigue have made them reach their limits, but still, everyone is clenching their teeth to hold on. Some doctors are reflecting on their lives, saying that when the epidemic is over, they will no longer save money. Instead they will take their wives and children on vacation. Some young non-native nurses just want to go home as soon as possible and throw themselves into the arms of their parents and cry.

During this epidemic, many elderly patients -- especially those with severe health issues and multisystem diseases -- have lost their lives. Many of their children cried loudly on the phone or outside on the ground floor of hospital buildings. If I could turn back time, I think they would not be so eager to leave home to earn money, but instead, would choose to spend more quality time with their elderly parents. Therefore, I hope our scientists can develop vaccines as early as possible to overcome COVID-19.

Zhao Peiyu:

Wuhan is a beautiful city. I hope when the epidemic is over, I will travel there as a tourist, returning to the place where I fought against the epidemic, and feast on a bowl of hot-dry noodles on the street lined with the cherry blossom. Thank you.

Zhang Xiaohong:

I once asked my police friends what they expected most at the end. Some criminal policemen told me they expected a few days' holiday to make up for the missed Spring Festival dinner with their families. The community policemen told me in this battle against epidemic, many volunteers are very active, so we can mobilize the volunteers to perform the prevention and control work after the epidemic. Several patrol police officers hope our Qiaokou police station can resume football matches after the epidemic, so they have the opportunity of playing again. My biggest hope is that our infected policemen will recover as soon as possible. When winning the victory against the virus, we can take masks off to smile, have a talk with people on the street, and see the hustle and bustle come back to the heroic city. Thank you.

Wu Hui: 

Because I am a deliveryman, I always drive on the road and meet many ordinary workers like myself. Once, one deliveryman said his customers wanted to hug him. When he said this, he seemed to glow. A sanitation worker engaged in a video chat with his family by the roadside. A fruit vendor offered to help me with the uploading work. The girl working at the post office helped to look for bigger cartons for package. Because the lift was not working, the deliveryman had to walk up the stairs while caring heavy parcels. So many ordinary people stick to their posts, so I believe it is the virus that will lose the battle. I hope when the battle is won, ordinary people like myself would get more understanding and respect, and I would make more money so I can live a better life in Wuhan. I also have a small wish that when conditions are ripe, I can start my own business again. At last, I want to go home to see my mother after the epidemic is over. Thank you.

Hua Yuchen:

My greatest wish is that all the patients can be cured and discharged from hospital and reunite with their families as soon as possible, and the epidemic is ended quickly. I hope all the medical staff and soldiers who are fighting on the frontlines return home safe. As a volunteer, I also wish my fellows stay healthy. We have agreed to remain in contact and hug each other gleefully when the epidemic is over and it's safe to take off facial masks.

As a teacher, I wish the new semester can start as soon as possible. I miss my students very much, and I desire to return to the campus and see their smiling faces. I want to listen to what they have been through and share my experiences with them.

As for myself, I wish to put on exquisite makeup and stroll through shopping malls with my bosom friends. I also want to enjoy a spicy hotpot with my dear friends. Most of all, I wish we can take to the street, breathing and enjoying the sunshine unrestrainedly.

Like what Ms. Zhao just mentioned, I also wish all the compatriots and friends who are helping us at the moment can come to Wuhan again after the epidemic. We hope you will have the chance to know more about this city, but you are now too occupied to experience it properly. We want to walk you around, take you to the Yellow Crane Tower, and present you Wuhan delicacies. You will always be remembered and appreciated by Wuhan people. Thank you!

Xi Yanchun:

I am deeply touched by the stories of the five workers, so are friends from media, I bet. They are as ordinary as our classmates, our neighbors, and the passing pedestrians. Facing the epidemic, numerous ordinary people like them bravely take the challenge and dedicate themselves to the outbreak control. In them, we see the magnificent strength of the national solidarity. In them, we see the Chinese Spirit forged during the nation's continuously overcoming difficulties and obstacles. I firmly believe that, with the heroic people fighting together, we will definitely win the war of epidemic prevention and control. Now, let's pose for a group photo. Let's cheer for China, cheer for Hubei, cheer for Wuhan! This is the end of today's press meeting. Thank you again.

Translated and edited by Zhang Liying, Liu Sitong, Liu Qiang, Li Xiao, Mi Xingang, Zhu Bochen, Lin Liyao, Wang Yiming, He Shan, Fan Junmei, Wu Jin, Zhang Rui, Li Huiru, Wang Qian, Yang Xi, Wang Wei, Yuan Fang, Fan Junmei, Huang Shan, Guo Xiaohong, Wang Yanfang, Jay Birbeck, Laura Zheng, Geoffrey Murray. In case of any dispute over a discrepancy, the Chinese version is deemed to prevail.

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