SCIO briefing on stories of frontline workers fighting against COVID-19

The State Council Information Office held a press conference on Sunday afternoon in Wuhan, epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak, to tell the stories of workers on the frontline of the epidemic prevention and control. February 24, 2020

China Youth Daily,

Lots of volunteers from Hubei province have participated in this battle against the COVID-19 outbreak, among whom are many post-90s and post-95s generation. Could you please share with us your feelings working as a volunteer for these days? Thank you.

Hua Yuchen:

I feel very proud that I can sign up for the volunteer work at this special time. I got a lot of positive energy from working within this team. We volunteers come from all walks of life and different age groups. When the epidemic is over and we take off our masks, we may not recognize each other if we encounter them on the street. But at this moment, we have united spontaneously because we all want to protect our hometown.

Every day, I see my fellow volunteers fighting in every corner where they are needed, and I feel positive and powerful. At Beihu Toll Station, I saw huge trucks and lorries delivering materials entering Wuhan from all directions. The vehicles carried banners saying "Wuhan, don't be afraid, we're here to help you!" I was deeply moved. A village head from Wenchuan, Sichuan province impressed me most. Along with his villagers, he drove for more than 20 hours to deliver supplies to Wuhan. Later, I heard the story behind this action. Wuhan extended a helping hand in the aftermath of the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008. Children of their village were arranged to stay in Wuhan at that time. So, their banner says "Wuhan, hang in there! Wenchuan comes with gratitude!" Words are powerless to describe such moving and uplifting scenes. At those moments, you will feel no fear and you know Wuhan will win.

Also, I would like to say I am very proud that among the medical staff and volunteers, there are many post-80s, post-90s, and even members of the post-95 generation. Our generation of young people have the courage and ability to shoulder the responsibility. We can take on the tasks entrusted to us in this era. I hope the whole society can give us more encouragement and believe that we can.

I am only one of many volunteers who devote their time and energy, busily working in various streets. I hope more people can join us. The epidemic is not over yet. We need more people to join us to protect our hometown and defend our Wuhan. Thank you!

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