SCIO briefing on policies about encouraging employment of university graduates and migrant workers

The State Council's inter-agency task force held a press conference Friday morning in Beijing to introduce the policies about encouraging employment of university graduates and rural migrant workers.

China SCIO March 1, 2020


What kind of support is there for stabilizing employment and employees' salaries? Thank you

You Jun:

Thank you for your question, I think you want to know how to maintain stable and harmonious labor relations under the current situation, where some enterprises are facing production and operation difficulties and some workers are facing the risk of income reduction. We will mainly start from the following three aspects:

First, we will encourage enterprises and their workers to stand together to overcome the current difficulties. We will guide both sides to stabilize their posts through negotiations on adjusting salaries, shortening working hours, and rotating days off.

Second, we will provide some policy support. We will lighten the burden of enterprises by exempting , reducing, or delaying the payment of social insurance premiums, returning unemployment insurance compensation and providing subsidies for enterprises with stable, so that enterprises will not lay off employees or reduce the number of layoffs.

The third is to supervise and guide enterprises that really need to lay off employees to regulate layoffs according to laws and regulations, in a bid to prevent illegal layoffs, and so effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of workers. Thank you.

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