SCIO briefing on policies about encouraging employment of university graduates and migrant workers

The State Council's inter-agency task force held a press conference Friday morning in Beijing to introduce the policies about encouraging employment of university graduates and rural migrant workers.

China SCIO March 1, 2020

China Education Network Television:

We know that spring every year is the peak time for college graduates to hunt jobs. At present, as the epidemic prevention and control is still underway, universities have not started their new semester yet, thus on-site recruitment is suspended accordingly. May I ask vice minister Weng, what steps, under such circumstances, the Ministry of Education will take to help college graduates access suitable job information? Thank you.  

Weng Tiehui:

Thank you for your question. On February 5, we, together with related administrative departments, jointly issued a notice to temporarily suspend all kinds of on-site recruitment for college graduates. On-site recruitment is particularly significant for college graduates during the employment season. However, the current epidemic prevention and control has made it impossible to carry out on-site recruitment. On the premise of guaranteeing the overall recruitment work and ensuring the posts for graduates, we think that it is vitally important to keep all the students equally informed and great efforts will be made to ensure information of posts available for each student. To this end, we have actively concentrated efforts on the following aspects. 

First, different administrative departments coordinate with each other to increase supplies of posts. On the state-level, we are cooperating with related ministries and commissions, closely following the demands of specific industries for human resources, we have held 12 large-scale recruitment activities for the 2020 college graduates, and 18 more still in preparation. We primarily cooperate with the Ministry of Education and some administrative authorities, focusing on some specific industries. In March, we'll hold six online recruitment activities with focus on such fields as the e-commerce industry, state-level economic and technological development zones, strategic emerging industries, and key development fields. 

Second, we require the provincial and municipal authorities to mobilize local institutions and companies to carry out more online recruitment activities, as in different places organizations have their unique hallmarks, and as such, their enthusiasm and initiative should be fully mobilized. Provincial and municipal-level recruitment activities will be launched from March. 

Third, considering their existing disciplines, colleges and universities are called on to take initiative to contact potential employers to hold online recruitment activities of various kinds. Despite prevailing suspension of regular university operations, quite a number of institutions of higher education have already staged online job fairs tailored for graduates, sharing information of working posts. According to preliminary statistics, nearly 20,000 online recruitment activities at all levels will be held by colleges and universities across the country in March. The end of the epidemic will usher in the return of off-line recruiting, as at present, online recruiting proceeds primarily through administrative departments and schools. 

Fourth, the functions of social recruitment websites should be fully activated via multi-level concerted initiatives. We think that it's not enough to only rely on authorities at various levels and universities and colleges, we need to bring the role of different social sectors and enterprises into full play. Based on, a job website for graduates sponsored by the Ministry of Education, we seek in-depth cooperation with five recruitment websites, including 51job,,,, and liepin, aiming to jointly provide employment services for graduates. Now these five will host the first batch of online jobs numbering at least 800,000, which relatively accords with the needs of college graduates and conforms to their specialties and abilities. More posts will become available thereafter. 

Meanwhile, to guarantee graduates' rights and interests, we require the aforementioned recruitment websites to strictly verify online job information published the employers. The authenticity and accuracy of the information of the recruiting units and posts will be ensured through the joint establishment of a blacklist system and third-party complaint channel. Information about the blacklisted employer or post on one website can be shared by other websites. Expansion of employment channels, as well as the security of the employment of college graduates will be ensured through platform establishment and information-sharing. 

With the efforts, we strive to make the job information of offline recruitment in last March and April accessible online, thus minimizing the negative impact of the epidemic on graduates. In cooperation with the five websites, we officially launch the "24365 Campus Recruitment Service" today. This is the home page, with the aforementioned five websites below (on-site display). This section is a special part providing free services for college students. Our media friends can check it out. Students can browse the websites anytime in any place, to look for jobs, and even sign a contract. Thank you. 

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