SCIO briefing on policies about encouraging employment of university graduates and migrant workers

The State Council's inter-agency task force held a press conference Friday morning in Beijing to introduce the policies about encouraging employment of university graduates and rural migrant workers.

China SCIO March 1, 2020

Xinhua News Agency:

I would like to ask vice minister Weng Tiehui, you mentioned earlier that the Ministry of Education would carefully formulate the plan for this year's college entrance examination based on the development of the epidemic. What is the latest on this? Will this year's college entrance examination be postponed? Thank you. 

Weng Tiehui:

Thank you for your question. The college entrance examination, or Gaokao, concerns the vital interests of students and their families, and is also a major event in the social life of our country. The Ministry of Education attaches great importance to it. In accordance with the requirements of the central government, we are paying close attention to the development and changes of the epidemic and comprehensively studying and judging the impact of various factors on the organization of the examination.

On the one hand, we are consulting with relevant departments and local governments on the development of the epidemic.

On the other, we are also organizing experts to assess the impact of the epidemic on examination organization, examination room epidemic prevention, transportation, test preparation and printing, middle school teaching and other factors, so as to ensure the safety and health of every examinee and every staff member. This is something we must do. We'll keep close watch on it.

We have learned that students about to take the Gaokao and their parents are particularly concerned about the Gaokao plan. We will also pay close attention to their concerns. We will carefully study and formulate specific implementation plan and relevant w ork arrangements for this year's Gaokao. Thank you.

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