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Debris of Shenzhou 9's escape tower found
Homebound - Liu Yang's life on Earth
China launches spaceship with first female astronaut
Shenzhou 9 blasts off successfully
Rotating platform of the launch pad opens
Shenzhou 9 astronauts enter module
A glimpse at training life of three Shenzhou-9 taikonauts
Astronauts answer media questions
Astronauts answer media questions
1st manned space docking faces major tests
Lauching tower of Shenzhou-9 spacecraft
Preparation for Shenzhou-9 spacecraft
2 female astronauts to join Shenzhou-9 mission
Shenzhou 8 lands in Inner Mongolia
Shenzhou 8 set to land in N China
Shenzhou 8 re-docks with Tiangong-1
Tiangong 1 and Shenzhou 8 complete docking
Countdown to docking
China announces successful launch of Shenzhou 8
Schematic images: China ready for first space docking
Shenzhou 8 ready for launch
China sends French satellite into space
In Pictures: Launch of Tiangong-1 space lab module successful
China launches Tiangong-1 successfully
Final preparations for Tiangong-1 launch
All systems go for key space launch
Tiangong-1 ready to go on mission
Graphics of China's space exploration
Preparation underway for Tiangong-1 launch
Module of Shenzhou-VII ready for exhibition
China launches lunar probe Chang'e-2
Explorations in Space
China's space activities
Satellite launch centers
Space industry of China
China's unmanned spaceflights
Food and sleep in spaceship
Chronology of space program
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Tiangong-1 (Chinese:天宫一号) is an unmanned space module complex to be launched by China as it builds the country’s first space station. (Edit Now)