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New tourist programs developed in the new century include cultural tours, folklore tours, eco-tours, mountaineering tours, skiing tours, exploration tours, automobile tours, biking and hiking tours, horse riding tours, boating tours, hunting tours, fishing tours, hot balloon tours, sunlight bathing tours and hot spring tours. Thus far, it has formed four tourist zones centered on Lhasa, western Tibet, southwestern Tibet, and southern Tibet respectively. Centered on Lhasa, they bring together Xigaze and Shannan and cover Nagqu, Ngari and Nyingchi. They boast a total of over 60 scenic spots.

Dining in a Tibetan family restaurant

Located in an area at low latitude, Tibet has big daily difference in temperature but small annual difference in temperature. Especially the areas in southeast Tibet have a mild climate in winter, like the late winter in north China. Having a sunshine bath on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in winter is also a unique tourist experience. In order to promote tourism in the low season, and further show the unique charm of cultural and natural resources in winter special to Tibet, the tourist department is making efforts to develop various programs and promoting knowledge of them through various tourist trade activities.

There are many tourist attractions in Tibet in winter. Especially in the Nyingchi area, there are the intoxicating Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon, Maindui Glacier and Bokam Town Spruce Forest, and so on. In the autumn and winter in Nyingchi, the deep-dyed serried woods present a beautiful view, and the turning point of the years is the best time to visit. There are many celebrative activities in Tibet, including the Festival of Lights, Gudu Festival and the Tibetan New Year's Day according to the Tibetan calendar, with colorful contents. Through this, tourists can fully realize the deeply religious cultural atmosphere of Tibet.


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