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In 2006, Tibet built one activity center for citizen fitness. Tibetan athletes won two gold, seven silver and eight bronze medals in competitive sports matches at home and abroad. In the same year, Tibet made 20.17 million Yuan by selling sports lotteries and collected public welfare funds to the tune of 6.56 million Yuan.

Mass Sports Activities

The year 2006 saw the launch of the second-phase program of the second-period project of the National Fitness Program. In order to ensure smooth implementation, various kinds of sports and fitness activities and athletic meetings of national fitness at different level were held systematically.

Yak race held during the Shoton (Sour Milk Drinking) Festival

During the national fitness week, taking full advantage of public awareness of the Olympics, Tibet made efforts to constantly strengthen the sports fitness consciousness of the masses and improve the quality of people engaged in sports. Meanwhile, effective measures were taken to ensure that all kinds of fitness squares, centers and other public sports facilities were free or available at preferential rates for the public.

In the implementation of the program, combining the implementation of the Opinion on Implementing the Fitness Projects in Rural Areas, Tibet also promoted the construction of fitness projects in rural areas and accelerated mutual exchanges between urban and rural areas, popularizing scientific fitness knowledge and actively holding fitness activities loved by farmers and herders.


It is a dream for every mountaineer to climb the 14 mountains with an altitude of over 8,000 meters. In 1993, Tibet set up the "China Tibet Expedition for14 High Mountains" and by the end of 2006, they successively climbed 13 peaks. In July 2007, an expedition to the No.1 Peak of Gasherbrum was planned to complete the 14.

Passing the Olympic Flame on the Qomolangma

As one of the characteristics of the 2008 Olympic Games, the flame will be taken to the top of Qomolangma, which is a promise made when Beijing worked to bid for the Olympics. It is an unprecedented move in the history of Olympic Games.

In accordance with the arrangements of the International Olympic Committee and General Administration of Sport of China, the passage of the flame on Qomolangma will be held in March to May 2008, which is the best time span allowed by the Olympic Games. A total of 35 mountaineers will carry the torch, starting from base camp on the northern slope with an altitude of 5,200 meters; from 6,500 meters, a team of 10 members will escort the flame to the summit. After that, they will follow the original route back. The event will be broadcast live by the CCTV.

The Olympic flame station was set up on May 30, 2007. Workers are installing solar energy generating equipment. When the Olympic Games is held in Beijing in 2008, the Olympic Torch will reach the Qomolangma.

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