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Financial Revenue and Expenditure

In 2006, Tibet's financial revenue reached 1.727 billion Yuan, a rise of 20.5 percent over the previous year. This included ordinary budgeted income amounting to 1.456 billion Yuan, up 21.0 percent; the added value rose by 27.2 percent, business tax 4.7 percent, and local financial income as a percentage of local financial revenues was six percent.

Tibet's total financial expenditure reached 20.229 bullion Yuan, up 6.9 percent from 2005. This included ordinary budgeted expenditure of 20.020 billion Yuan, an 8 percent increase. The self-financing rate of Tibet was less than 10 percent, and investment was still the leading force to promote economic growth, which is unlikely to change in the short term.

The number of taxpayers in Tibet in 2006 surpassed 40,000, providing revenue of 1.848 billion Yuan, up 265 million Yuan from the previous year or 16.73 percent; this included revenue of 975 million Yuan from taxpayers of the non-public economy (up 41 percent) and accounting for 58 percent of the whole region. Their contribution rate to revenue surpassed that of State-owned and collective-owned enterprises, becoming the key force to promote economic development in Tibet.

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