President Xi's joint written interview with media from Turkmenistan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan

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问:您如何看待吉尔吉斯斯坦同中国关系发展现状及前景?您对这次访问吉尔吉斯斯坦有何期待? 8. How do you see the current development and prospect of Kyrgyzstan's relations with China? What do you expect to achieve from your visit to Kyrgyzstan? 
答:几天前,吉尔吉斯斯坦刚刚庆祝了独立22周年。借此机会,我谨代表中国政府和人民,对吉尔吉斯人民表示热烈祝贺。祝愿友好的吉尔吉斯斯坦国家繁荣富强、人民幸福安康。 Kyrgyzstan celebrated the 22nd anniversary of independence just a few days ago. I wish to take this opportunity to extend, on behalf of the Chinese government and people, warm congratulations to the people of Kyrgyzstan. I wish the friendly country of Kyrgyzstan prosperity and its people happiness.
1992年建交以来,中吉关系始终保持快速稳定发展,各领域合作成果显著,双边关系达到前所未有的高水平,发展前景广阔。双方秉持相互尊重、平等相待、互不干涉内政的原则,彻底解决了历史遗留下来的边界问题,使1100公里的边界线成为联结两国人民友谊和合作的纽带。两国贸易、能源、交通、电信、农业等务实领域合作不断扩大,中国已经成为吉尔吉斯斯坦第二大贸易伙伴国和第二大投资来源国。双方充分尊重对方根据本国国情选择的发展道路,在涉及彼此核心利益的重大问题上相互坚定支持,在遭受国际金融危机和重大自然灾害时同舟共济,是彼此信赖的好邻居、好朋友。 Since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1992, China-Kyrgyzstan relations have maintained fast and steady growth. Cooperation in various fields has yielded obvious results and bilateral relations have reached an unprecedented height with bright prospect. The two sides have resolved once and for all the boundary question left over from history in the spirit of mutual respect, equality and non-interference in each other' s internal affairs, making the 1,100 km boundary a bond of friendship and cooperation between the two peoples. Practical cooperation in trade, energy, transport, telecommunications, agriculture and other areas has continued to expand. China is now Kyrgyzstan's second largest trading partner and its second biggest source of foreign investment. The two sides fully respect each other's development path chosen in light of national conditions, firmly support each other on major issues related to their respective core interests and have worked hand in hand in the aftermath of the international financial crisis and major natural disasters. As such, they are indeed each other's trustworthy neighbor and friend.
中国高度重视对吉关系,两国关系面临重大发展机遇。中方愿同吉方一道努力,不断深化政治互信、扩大互利合作、加强战略协作,推动两国关系迈上新的更高的台阶。 China highly values its relations with Kyrgyzstan and sees major opportunities to further grow this relationship. China is ready to work with Kyrgyzstan to deepen political mutual trust, expand mutually beneficial cooperation, boost strategic coordination and raise the bilateral relationship to a new level.
我期待着对吉尔吉斯斯坦进行国事访问。访问期间,我将同阿坦巴耶夫总统举行正式会谈,共同规划两国关系未来发展,并作出重大决定。 I am looking forward to my state visit to Kyrgyzstan. During the visit, I will have official talks with President Almazbek Atambayev to jointly map out and make important decisions concerning the future growth of bilateral relations.
我相信,在双方共同努力下,这次访问一定能够取得成功,为中吉两国关系发展注入新的强劲动力。 I am convinced that with concerted efforts of the two sides, the visit will be a success and will inject fresh and robust dynamism to the growth of China-Kyrgyzstan relations.
问:安全和经济合作是上海合作组织的最主要合作方向。请问您认为上海合作组织下一步应该如何更好履行安全和经济两方面职能? 9. Cooperation in security and economy represents the principal direction of SCO cooperation. In your view, how should the SCO better perform its security and economic functions?
答:上海合作组织成立12年来,成员国结成紧密的命运共同体和利益共同体。面对复杂的国际和地区形势,维护地区安全稳定和促进成员国共同发展,过去、现在乃至将来相当长时期内都是上海合作组织的首要任务和目标。 In the past 12 years since the founding of the SCO, member states have forged a close community of common destinies and shared interests. In the face of complex regional and international situation, maintaining regional security and stability and promoting common development of member states has been, is and will continue to be SCO's top priority and objective for quite a long time to come.
安全上,成员国要继续坚定支持彼此维护国家安全和社会稳定的努力,加大打击“三股势力”和毒品犯罪力度。值得注意的是,当前,地区恐怖主义和毒品犯罪相互勾结的现象愈演愈烈,反恐和禁毒成为需要双管齐下的系统工程。中方认为有必要赋予上海合作组织地区反恐怖机构禁毒职能,加强其综合打击“毒恐勾结”的能力。 On security, member states need to continue to firmly support each other's endeavor to safeguard national security and social stability and intensify efforts to combat terrorism, separatism and extremism and drug-related crimes. What merits caution is that there is a growing tendency of terrorists and drug criminals colluding with each other in the region. Therefore, counter-terrorism and anti-narcotic efforts should be integrated with a two-pronged approach. China believes that there is a need to give the SCO Regional Counter-Terrorism Structure the function of anti-narcotics to enhance its overall ability to fight both terrorism and drug trafficking.
经济上,成员国要大力推动务实合作。我们维护地区安全稳定的最终目的是实现共同发展繁荣。各方有必要加快实施交通、能源、通信、农业等优势领域合作项目,加紧研究建立上海合作组织开发银行,以解决项目融资难题和应对国际金融风险。同时,上海合作组织要不断加强同本地区其他多边机制的务实合作,以实现优势互补。 On economy, member states need to vigorously promote pragmatic cooperation. The ultimate purpose of maintaining regional security and stability is to achieve common development and prosperity. Parties need to accelerate the implementation of cooperation projects in such advantageous areas as transport, energy, communications and agriculture, and expedite studies on setting up an SCO development bank to resolve project financing difficulties and address international financial risks. Moreover, the SCO needs to step up pragmatic cooperation with other multilateral mechanisms in the region to draw on each other's strengths.
中国始终支持上海合作组织发展。长期以来,我们同成员国积极交流执法安全合作经验。我们为成员国经济合作提供优惠贷款,帮助成员国培养国家建设人才,同成员国同舟共济,共同应对国际金融危机冲击。中方将继续同成员国携手并肩,一道创造上海合作组织的美好明天。 China has all along supported SCO's development. For a long time, China has actively exchanged experience on law-enforcement and security cooperation with other member states, provided concessional loans for economic cooperation among member states, helped them train professionals for national development, and worked with them to respond to the international financial crisis in a spirit of solidarity. China will continue to join hands with other member states to create a brighter future for the SCO.
问:上海合作组织成员国元首理事会第十三次会议即将在比什凯克举行。您对本次峰会有何期待和评价?您在会上将提出哪些倡议? 10. The 13th Meeting of the Council of Heads of Member States of the SCO will soon be held in Bishkek. What are your expectations and assessments of the upcoming summit? What initiatives will you put forth at the summit?
答:上海合作组织成立以来,政治、安全、经济、人文合作和国际合作迈出坚实步伐,为维护本地区安全稳定、促进共同发展发挥了重要作用,显示出勃勃生机。推动上海合作组织更快更好发展,促进共同目标实现,已经成为成员国共识。 Since its inception, the SCO has taken solid steps in cooperation in political, security, economic, people-to-people and cultural fields and on the international stage. It has played an important role in maintaining regional security and stability and promoting common development, and is now brimming with vigor and vitality. It has become the consensus of member states to facilitate faster and better development of the organization and to promote the attainment of common targets.
上海合作组织比什凯克峰会的举行有两个重要背景。一是国际和地区形势发生新变化。世界经济深度调整,西亚北非局势持续动荡,阿富汗问题面临新的复杂形势,给本地区安全稳定、上海合作组织合作和发展带来新挑战。同时,新兴市场经济体呈现出更为深厚的发展潜力和更为广阔的合作前景,这给上海合作组织发展带来新机遇。二是《上海合作组织成员国长期睦邻友好合作条约》正式生效,为成员国进一步提高合作水平,增强应对各种威胁和挑战的能力,加快建设持久和平、共同繁荣的地区注入新动力。因此,这次峰会将结合上述形势发展变化,对本组织下一阶段工作作出规划和部署。 The SCO Bishkek Summit will take place against two important backgrounds. First, there have been new changes in the region and the world. In-depth adjustments in global economy, persistent turmoil in west Asia and north Africa, and new complexities in the Afghanistan issue have all posed new challenges to regional security and stability and to SCO cooperation and development. At the same time, emerging economies have demonstrated greater development potential and broader prospects for cooperation. This has brought new opportunities for SCO's development. Second, the Treaty on Long-Term Good-Neighborliness, Friendship and Cooperation Between the SCO Member States, which has officially come into effect, has injected fresh impetus to member states' efforts to elevate cooperation to a higher level, improve their capacity in meeting various threats and challenges, and speed up the building of a region of lasting peace and common prosperity. In this context, the upcoming summit will make plans and arrangements for SCO's work at the next stage in line with the above-mentioned developments and changes.
我认为,推动上海合作组织发展要继续发扬一种精神,即互信、互利、平等、协商、尊重多样文明、谋求共同发展的“上海精神”。要搞好两个建设,一是加强自身建设,练好“内功”,提升合作效率和水平;二是加强伙伴网络建设,切实推进同观察员、对话伙伴合作,共谋地区发展大计。要办好三件实事,即《上海合作组织中期发展战略规划》所确定的维护安全、发展经济、改善民生的任务,造福成员国人民。 I believe that to advance the development of the SCO, it is necessary to continue to carry forward the "Shanghai Spirit" that features mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality, consultation, respect for diverse civilizations and the pursuit of common development. It is important to ensure success in two areas: first, enhance self-development, improve capacity-building, and increase efficiency and level of cooperation; second, strengthen partnership network building, promote cooperation with observers and dialogue partners through concrete steps, and jointly work out regional development plans. Three tasks need to be fulfilled in real earnest, namely, maintaining security, developing the economy and improving people's wellbeing as identified in the Strategic Plan for the Medium-Term Development of the SCO, to the benefit of people of member states.
在本次峰会上,我将就上述问题提出中方看法和倡议,也期待听到同事们的宝贵意见。相信在全体成员国共同努力下,峰会将取得预期成果,为本组织发展揭开崭新篇章。 At the summit, I will put forth China's views and initiatives on the afore-mentioned matters and I look forward to hearing valuable opinions from colleagues. I am confident that with concerted efforts of all member states, the summit will produce expected results and open a new chapter in the development of the organization.

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